Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bumpy ground

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted on here.  I’ve been monumentally rubbish when it’s come to the thought of posting in the evenings this week.  Partly through tiredness, and partly just because, emotionally speaking, I’m a bit low at the moment.

Therefore, excuse the haste with which I catch you up on the humdrum chaos that is life Chez Sue:

  • Saturday was a quiet one.  Met some friends on the hills for a coffee and cake, and then a little stroll in the sun over the Herefordshire Beacon, before they carried on their way on their longer walk and I pushed off home.  Mostly spent the day chilling out, and relaxing ahead of Sunday’s run.  Met my school friend Koks and her boyfriend Tim in the evening for drinks, and then hit the sack for a fairly early night.
  • Woke up excited, got in the car excited, waited in the queue of traffic for the carpark nervously at the venue, looked at the sun and grinned excitedly, found my friends, handed everything to Jo, who kindly looked after it all, and set off to run with 1,500 other people.  It was a beautiful day weather-wise, and the experience matched it.  The run was good, and although Hannah and I had low expectations on what times we wanted to get (1:20 for me, and sub 1:30 for her), we smashed them into little bits as we picked up 6 minutes in the last quarter of the course, and stormed home (for us), in a highly satisfying 1:12.  Crossed the line together, holding hands.  Big grins, big hugs, lumpy throats.  Went for lunch with Jo afterwards, and ate way too much (mmmmmm, ribs), but tracked the lot.  Debating entering for another run, but can’t quite make any decisions right now.
  • Woke up Monday morning feeling sick after too much food.  Back on eating plan, and back to work.  Walked at lunch, and just squeaked home in time to make a spin class.  A gruelling epic of a class with 45 mins “heavy endurance” – I thought my heart was going to fall out my mouth and flop around weakly on the floor.  Done, go home, collapse.
  • Long day at work on Tuesday, still on plan, then home for dinner cooked by my flatmate.  In a moment of weakness, I ate too much and drank too much.  Regretted but tracked.
  • Lunch date today – I give up – men are off the agenda – clearly I’m doomed.  Food ok.  Go home, Bridget round for tea, chat a bit, late dinner, fall asleep.
  • Long, long day at work today, and in the worst of moods.  Morning starts badly when I can’t find a damn thing that looks / feels good to wear, and end up being horribly late for work.  Make stupid mistakes at work and have to grovel.  Traipse across town to new offices for afternoon roadshow-thing and then back – at least I’ve had some sort of exercise today.  Food’s fine, but I find myself depressed and crying most of the drive home in the car.  Stupid, stupid thing to get in that state.  Stay home and retreat to my room to avoid people.  Flatmate’s stressing about finding a replacement for me when I move, but I just can’t find the energy to care right now.  Sleep needed.
  • Not expecting much at the scales tomorrow.

One of the pictures from Sunday that makes me smile a little because I remember how good we felt at this point, around 8k out:

Ashton Court 10k 021


And definitely at this point:

Ashton Court 10k 028

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