Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pre-weigh in jitters

As always, when it gets to Thursday night, I get some serious nerves about the Friday morning encounter with the scales.  Part of me wants to know what they say, just in case they’ve got lower, and the other half is too scared to stand on them in case they’ve gone up. 

I haven’t a bloody clue what to expect this week!

Had a good day on plan today although I’ve eaten slightly more than I planned.  Still within my daily allowance, just not saving as many points as I intended, but I’ve offset that with more exercise than I thought I might have.  I went for another 30 min walk at lunch today (is this a new habit for me?  Who knows!), and talked myself into going for a run this evening, which I’ve been saying I needed to do all week.  Just an easy couple of miles this evening (I know, I said “easy” – crazy huh?), but at a fairly decent pace.  Is this what they call a “tempo” run?  I have no idea, but it felt comfortable, and I easily did the whole loop in one go, no breaks and with a pretty good pace for slow, little, ‘ol me.

Weightwatchers wise, I’m looking at finishing the week with just 3 points deficit – definitely one of the best kind of weeks for me, as I very rarely manage that kind of week, and better still, I’m pretty sure that that’s what I’ve actually eaten, rather than what I wanted to admit too, as I’m still making the effort to write down everything (stupid dry cereal again today – must stop doing that!). In theory, that would mean a kind response from the scales, but I still feel a little heavy and bloated, so I can’t say I’m expecting too much tomorrow morning.  I guess we’ll see!

On the plus-side, I can definitely recommend buying a pack of ready to eat mixed seafood from the chiller cabinet, gently frying a little onion and minced garlic, and Arborio risotto rice, slowly adding some fish stock (Knorr fish stock cubes how I love you!),a bit at a time, and adding the seafood and some frozen peas as the last of the stock goes in …. it makes a very tasty seafood risotto (with a little tarragon, and salt and pepper for seasoning) as a bargainous 4 points a portion – WINNER!  Eaten with very tasty soda farl and low-fat spread on the side.  Mmmmmmmm.

Sweet dreams, fellow Questers of Lightness ….


Seren said...

Well done on a sterling week - hope the scales gave you your just reward this morning! Loving the sound of that seafood risotto...perfect fast food.


Peridot said...

Oh yes, I know that fear all right! I bet we all do. And the crushing fury and unhappiness if it doesn't work out as it should! It's amazing how that one little moment can dictate your mood for a week.

Hoping for the best for you.