Friday, 1 October 2010

O. M. G.

Well, that was more than a little bit unexpected!!  There I was, fearfully prodding the scale with my toe to switch it on this morning, and then doing that funny screwed-up hopeful face that kind of winces and says “Please be something down.  Even just half a lb” – yeah, you know the face – as I waited for it to register me.  Open eyes, look at numbers.  Look at numbers again.

12st 3lbs.

Not half a lb.

3 and a half lbs.

Bloody hell!!!

So much more than I hoped for!  I’ve crashed through that 4 stone barrier by 3 whole lbs, and I’m so totally at my new lowest weight to date!!!!!


Back in the real world, this means that I’m going to have to be extra good this week, and even then I think I’ll be lucky if I lose anything or stay the same, because my body doesn’t usually let go of large chunks of weight like that easily.  So that’s cool, and I accept that.  I’ve switched off any expectations for next week, and just intend to carry on sticking to the plan.

If you have a look on my goals side bar on the right, you’ll see that I’ve finally been able to update that last one for 4 stone (yay!), and I’ve added my next mini-goal, which is only a lb away, which is 12st 2lbs, or 170lbs – 60lbs lost, and only 10lbs to go til goal.  After that, I’ll be heading for that 12st barrier, and looking to see an 11 on the front of my weigh ins.  That’s a massive thing for me, because a) it feels so close to the end, and I don’t think I expected to get there in some ways – it feels like a huge break-through to be edging so close now, and b) I have never seen an 11 on the front of my weight before!!!  The first time I remember stepping on a scale was in 5th form at school I think (maybe 16 or so), and there was a 12 on the front then, and it’s only ever gone up from there.

One step at a time though.  I expect this bit to be slow, but if I can keep it slow and steady and keep creeping forwards a tiny bit at a time, I’ll be hugely pleased with myself.  I absolutely do not expect any further losses like this one – I can only think that it’s because I’d eaten a heavy meal last Thursday night, and I didn’t last night, so it’s showing a bit of a catch-up loss.  Whatever – I’m am hugely chuffed with myself.

4 weeks since getting back from Costa Rica, 4 losses and 6.5lb lost.

Not got much planned this weekend (which is good as I’ve not got much money to do it with), so no excuses for any big derailments.


Seren said...

Fabulous! Well done you!


Linz M said...

Fantastic lady! So pleased for you :)


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Peridot said...

Congrats - very well deserved!

Kathleen said...

Good job!

Zanna said...

Bloody awesome - well done you!!! Zxx