Friday, 29 October 2010

Weekly weigh in

An absolute dead on stay-the-same. I thought I'd be disappointed, but actually I'm not too bothered.

I've not been perfect this week, but I've not been terrible either. I'm in roughly the right place, but there are always things to work on and improve. For one thing - not blowing it in the pub on a Thursday night.

I ended the week with a deficit of under 10 points, which is pretty much my happy place. I also went to bed at 2 this morning for a whole 4 hours sleep after some drinking ... funny enough I'm a little tired today.

This weekend I've got a birthday celebration tomorrow night and I'm sure the rest of the plans will come together as and when.

The immediate plan is to get through the weekend relatively unscathed, and without a massive points deficit to start the week.

Happy weekend, campers!

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Zanna said...

And you have a great weekend too! Zxx