Thursday, 7 October 2010

Not very clever

Not very clever at all.  That’s what my food choices have been over the last couple of days.

Monday – good – points saved, spin class done.

Tuesday – errrr – good.  Survived the day in Birmingham with Caroline, including lunch at Yo! Sushi (oh my god – have I finally learned to rein myself in at this restaurant?) and multiple Starbucks visits, missed my circuits class, but all was still good.  Got stuck into researching flats to rent and flatshares in Bristol til the late hours …. and munched my way through a bag of Thorntons’ fudge while I did it.  I think I meant to just have a piece or two and then put it away, but we all know that’s not how it goes often.  Unless you take the bits you want and put the rest away out of reach.  Did I do this?  No.  Instead of a few points saved, a few points added back to the weekly deficit.  Boooooo,

Wednesday – again – not too bad.  Had lunch with Jo, then went over to the hospital to visit my grandma.  Spent a couple of hours with her, and helped her with her dinner, but missed dinner time myself.  Grabbed a Nutri-grain bar from the shop to tide me over.  Stopped off to catch up with Bridget on the way home.  A small piece of cake at hers (well, I hadn’t had dinner).  Still good on points.  Got home just after 10.  FAIL.  I still have huge issues with missing a meal, or at least the evening meal, even if I’m not hungry, so I went rooting through the cupboards.  First thought was beans on toast, which would have been fine, but instead I decided to be clever and go for an omelette instead, and apparently forgot how the points add up in those.  Again – should have been a point or so saved, and instead a few points deficit.


This morning I had to be up relatively early for a couple of hours in my new office to meet the team and get the tour.  Slightly annoying to have to spend 3-4 hours commuting (yeah – pity me – that’s going to be my commute time daily for the next few weeks – ugh) for only a little while in the office, but nice to meet everyone before I start.  I picked up lunch at Starbucks on the way home – can I just say their roasted chicken and tomato panini is very nice for 5 points, and it’s nice to see a well-stocked fruit basket on the counter with fresh looking fruit in (I whipped a banana out of that there basket).  Being that it’s the last day of my Weightwatchers week, and that I’m also supposedly running a 10k in …. ohhh … about 10 days!!!! … I therefore thought a run was called for this afternoon.  I tried out an all-new route this afternoon into uncharted territory, and it was on rougher terrain than I’ve been used to – not just trails, but across fields, with stiles and gates to negotiate and a fair few big muddy puddles to skip, hop and jump round.  I ran just a little longer than last week – 1hr 5mins today, including surprising myself by running all the way up the hill by the house – I wasn’t expecting that!  I’ll prob only get in one or two short runs this week before next Sunday, as I’ll be back to working during the day, but I reckon I’ll be ok as I stand. 

****** Edit – just mapped my run on Gmap – 8.5km of cross-country, which a) I’m really pleased about – longest run to date, but b) more importantly – I ran 7.5km last week in 58mins, and 8.5km in 64 mins today – my pace is actually improving with distance!!!  Weird.  I don’t know whether to put that down to running with music today which is unusual for me?  Any thoughts? ******

So with the help of that run, I’ve at least managed to save a few points today (although I guess there’s still some time for me to cock it up if the last couple of days are anything to go by!).  I’m finishing this week with a not very impressive 17 point deficit.  Given I had such a big loss last week, I’m really not expecting anything great at the scales tomorrow, but let that be a lesson to me that I need to not just track everything (which I have), but also not stray too far from the beaten path that is Weightwatchers.

Expect tears and lamentations, or at least grumpiness tomorrow morning.  Apologies in advance for that!


Linz M said...

Hope the scales are kind to you this morning. Commute for the next few weeks does sound fairly hideous!

Excellent work on the run front, I need some of your exercise motivation!


Peridot said...

I definitely think it helps to have music when you run - it gives you a good pace and stops you listening to yourself wheeze. Or is that just me?! I actually loathe running and having tried to do it for a year, gave up, but when I did, music was the only way I could distract myself (slightly) from the horror!