Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hungry girl

So here's the skinny, so to speak - if you let yourself relax a bit on the weekend and eat a few of the things that really take your fancy, if you snack a bit more than usual, and maybe eat a bigger portion than usual, then Monday becomes a struggle.

I have no on / off button that let's me switch instantly back in to full-on healthy-eating mode. For me, it's more like the throttle on a boat or plane that has to be gently revved up from idle to full beans.

Ironically, it wasn't as bad after the Great Bristol Restaurant Marathon last weekend, as although my points were high over the weekend, there was very little snackage, and it was more to do with the richness of restaurant cooking than huge portions.

I was struggling a bit yesterday, because this weekend's relaxation was more about home-cooked food and tasty little snacks and treats. My appetite yesterday was up, and I all I kept thinking about was damn food.

Maybe it would have been better if I'd planned my whole day's food up front, so I knew where the next meal would be coming from. Instead, I indulged in a few snacks at Dad's when I went over to de-clutter my old spare room. I snuck some left-over chicken foo yung off my flatmate's plate whilst I was waiting for my dinner - yes, clearly I still have some issues. I mean, seriously, I offered to clear her plate away when I was clearing a load of glasses to the kitchen, because I'd spotted it sitting on her plate and wanted some. That's some kind of fucked up eating (and yeah, I'm kind of ashamed to admit to it - no judging please!), but here's the deal - I pointed the whole bloody lot.

And then I took some strategic action to curb my eating for the rest of the evening. I finished cooking my healthy dinner, and deliberately cooked way more veg than I needed. Extra butternut squash and practically a plate full of marrow, onion and tomato (ratatouille-style - seriously yummy and free on WW). I loaded my plate as I usually would and enjoyed it. And then when I was comfortably full, but still feeling snacky, I went back and ate more veg. No space to snack. Job done for the evening.

I saved points for the day - maybe not quite as many as I'd have liked, as honesty dictated that I had to drop some points from spinning last night. I felt like I'd worked hard enough, but my HRM said less than usual, so I re-pointed it in accordance with that. Kind of annoying, but no point in denial. That won't help me at the end of the week.

I feel far more back to it today. Less snacky and more in control. I'm heading into Birmingham to meet the lovely Caroline for lunch and gossip. I don't get to see her often as she's based over in Brussels these days so it's always great to catch up. Light breakfast, and left-over soup for tea means I don't need to worry too much about lunch. I'll miss circuits this evening, but several hours walking around Birmingham will give me activity points anyway.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my gran in hospital. Dad told me yesterday that she got admitted on Friday after her legs gave out, but they suspect there might liver failure. Poor gran! I keep hoping she's not feeling too scared (I would be) and lonely. I don't know why Dad didn't tell me on Friday or over the weekend, so I could have gone to visit sooner, except I know he was trying to protect me from the news. I love him, but sometimes I want to hit him over the head!

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Seren said...

I definitely hear you - and sympathise. For me, it is partly about the lack of structure with weekend eating just seems to throw me totally off kilter.

But...well done for tracking everything (it's such a temptation to tell yourself that food from someone elses plate doesn't count).

Hope your Gran is ok.


Linz M said...

I'm struggling with the same thing at the moment too. Lack of discipline at the weekend has left me feeling really hungry the last 2 days.

Huge kudos to you for actually tracking it, I am still in the habit of lying to myself.

Hope your Gran is ok x

Kathleen said...

I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope she feels better soon. I know what you mean about snacking. It always makes me want more, as well. Even though you’d think it would make me want less because it fills me up, it just stimulates my appetite. Good job on ‘counting’ the foo yung. It would have been so easy not to. Tracking is the hardest part, because you have to be honest with yourself. But it is the most effective tool, as well. Also, it was very smart to make extra vegetables. Vegetables are so filling and so low-calorie – I love them!