Friday, 22 October 2010


Sometimes you make an unwelcome discovery about yourself, and wonder how to deal.  If you’re of average appearance (well, I like to think so anyway), now of average size, average intelligence (I think) and average success – an all-round average person, then you must conclude that you’re total lack of attractiveness has to be down to a major character flaw.

We all know that losing the weight doesn’t make the problems all go away, but sometimes they force you to face something you’d really rather not.  I find I can no longer hide behind my weight as the reason I’m single, instead I must accept that it’s actually me that is unattractive.

That depressing point aside, I managed a lb off this week.  Something, but not all of last week’s gain, but then again, I did have quite a big deficit on my points this week.  Anyhoo, I’m continuing to take it a day at a time eating-wise, and I’ve allowed myself to be talked into having a bash at orienteering tomorrow morning, so check back for tales of running around (or staggering lost) on the hills.

Apologies for the up and down-ness of things around here lately.


Linz M said...

I'm not sure what you see in the mirror, but you are gorgeous lady (not average!)

I can't see how you have any major character flaws - from following your blog for a while, I certainly don't see any. I don't know what has lead you to this conclusion, but please don't beat yourself up.

Chin up missus, it took me a lot of frogs to find my price, I am pretty sure you'll find yours :)

Oh and good work on the pound off!


Lorr74 said...

Hi there, I can only echo what Linz has said, you look great and defo shouldnt down yourself. I just got hitched 2wks ago and Im thirty bloody six!!! Your ideal man is there waiting for you, you will find each other when the time is right, I'm a great believer in fate. In the meantime get out there with your head held high, you have achieved so much, show it off n be proud xxx

Beakerella said...

I second (or third) what all the others have said. Have you ever thought its the guys you are dating that have the problem, not you? You have achieved so much, don't let some silly boy spoil it all for you XX

Peridot said...

You're not average - not in terms of attractiveness or intelligence or indeed size. You have the blues, honey. Keep the faith and you will start to feel better. Don't put all that effort into doubting yourself - you could use it to much better effect almost anywhere else. Hope the cloud passes soon.

Kathleen said...

You are not unattractive. Thousands of great, amazing and beautiful women are single. It’s just how life is, sometimes. But it is temporary, you will have a boyfriend sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. Hang in there!

Nona said...

Not enlightenment honey. More like distorted thinking. You are beautiful and only a matter of time before some lucky bloke realises it.