Friday, 8 October 2010


The verdict’s in and it’s 0.5lb on this week.  12st 3.5lbs. 

In one way, I’m annoyed, as I’ve eaten less than I would if I was on maintenance, but this comes down to more what I’ve eaten I think, than the amount.  I’ve not eaten enough proper food in the last couple of days – missing meals here and there and eating snack food instead.  Coffee shops are my downfall, as I’m not very good at just having the hot drink, and not something sweet (and delicious) to go with it.  As I’ve been out running around all the time, I’ve been grabbing bottles of Diet Coke, but then not drinking enough squash and water to hydrate properly.  And I didn’t work out as regularly as I normally do.

Anyway – persistence not perfection, eh?  Today’s a fresh day, indeed a fresh week!  It will be All Change this week, as I start my new job on Monday.  I’ve got birthday cakes to bake today, and I’m going to visit my grandma in hospital again this afternoon.  Tomorrow is Jon’s 30th birthday, and just for something completely different, he’s hired some yurts in the grounds of a castle nearby.  I know!!  Crazy!  Apparently, they’re furnished Moroccan-style inside with hangings and cushions, and we’re having a big barbeque and fire-pit outside, and a friend’s dj-ing for the night. 

Tomorrow will definitely be my food challenge for the week, what with the barbeque, cake and free-flowing alcohol.  Great - time to plan, me-thinks!  And then Sunday, I’ll need to get my act together for the new all-commuting, all-working me.  Stock up on healthy snacks and fruit for the office, and get lunch sorted to take with me.  At least I’ll be getting at least 30 mins of walking each day to and from the bus, so I suppose that’s a little bit of exercise for me, if nothing else.

Time to go buy cake ingredients now!

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Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

keep at it
you will get there