Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Another boring (but successful) post

I'm sorry ...

My posts are going to get horribly boring if I stay on track much longer. Yesterday:

I got up.

I ate a sensible breakfast and snacks.

I resisted the fiendishly-placed bag of Cadburys mini Creme Eggs right by my desk at work - I had one, I pointed it, I moved on.

I had a healthy lunch.

I came home and did a short run.

I ate salad for dinner.

I watched Glee, paid the bills and went to bed.

Yeah. Exciting. I know.

However, I'm grateful, as I managed to save some points, which was the objective, and I always feel good when I finish a positive day on plan. I didn't much feel like going for the run, but I did it anyway, and I felt a sense of achievement when I finished. And I was amazed at how full I felt after my dinner, when I'd eaten healthily and saved points.

I've kind of taken a step backwards at the moment - I'm trying to remember all the eating habits I employed when I was so successful at the start of last year, and re-incorporate them into my schedule. There's no point re-inventing the wheel when I did it last year and it worked perfectly well.

Tonight, Bridget is coming over to mine for dinner before we hit the pub quiz - I'm cooking a healthy risotto for dinner, which should leave me a couple of points left to bank for the day, and whilst I won't have time to run or workout this evening, I'm going to try and walk to and from the pub / supermarket this evening if I can, just to stretch my legs a bit.

I'm enjoying being back on plan and making this work for me, but a little bit worried that I'm away for the next 2 weekends, which could lead to potential derailment. I was talking to Bridget about it on Sunday whilst we were walking (she's going to be on both the same weekends as me) and we've agreed that in order to save both money and our figures, the key is to limit the eating out, and cakage on the trips.

This weekend we're hopefully heading down to Bristol to see our friend Hannah for a girly weekend. Since Hannah is also health-conscious, I'm hopeful that we won't have too much trouble in convincing her to cook in for dinner rather than eating out, and sticking to some vodka and slimline rather than copious amounts of wine. We're also planning to sneak lots of walking into the weekend and maybe a swim in the pool at Bath Spa - so basically lots of movement and not spending too much money. Win!

The following weekend we're heading to Wales, with 10 of our closest buddies (Hannah included again) for a long weekend to celebrate Bridget's birthday. The menu is pre-planned, and we've decided that purchase of extra snacks / goodies in the supplies, other than the main meals isn't necessary as everyone always brings that with them. Hopefully, that will help minimise the badness, but at the moment there are about 4 separate promises of birthday cake being made and bought along, so I'm going to need to develop a strategy to cope!

I'm on this at the moment, and I want to stay here, so I've got plenty of incentive to make the small sacrifices necessary. I've also potentially got one hell of a big incentive to do it, but more on that later.

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