Friday, 19 March 2010

Feeling satisfied but I can still do better!

After a week in which I ate out 4 times, but thought about what was going in my gob and got my butt out on the streets to run 3 times, I've managed to book a 3.5lb loss this week.

To put that in perspective the scales were up by 4lbs last week, so really I'm only staying the same over the course of 2 weeks, but I feel in control and like I'm making some progress with my attitude to my eating again.

With that in mind, if I keep it up again next week then I should be cracking on into the territory below that blasted 12st 12lb that I haven't been able to get past in the last 2 months. Its half a lb off at the momeny and that in itself is a good incentive!

Last night I went for another quick run when I got home. Actually, "quick" is probably a bit misleading - "short" would be a better description, as I defintely wasn't quick - my legs had totally turned to lead! Anyway, I did what I could and then tootled home to change.

I was all geared up to set a new precedent last night and try a salad at the restaurant, but they said they couldn't do it with out dressing as the meat was cooked in it. I allowed myself to get distracted at that point and had pizza instead - note to self - have a back-up option planned next time! I was also slightly foxed as there was a surprise birthday cake for Jo, and since it was only 6 of us I felt odd about saying no to cake - I might want to work on that!

So I actually went over by about 7 points yesterday - not ideal, but not so bad either - the planning definitely helps.

Onto a fresh week starting today. Last week wasn't too bad, and I'm pretty pleased with my progress, but I still showed a deficit in my tracker at the end of the week of 30 points. Smaller than any recent weeks, but still a deficit. This week's challenge is therefore to aim for a smaller deficit this week - to continue to improve.

Of my other current mini-goals I did pretty well - I ran 3 times, which ticked off my "exercise 3+ times in the week" goal and I spent an evening with my Dad for my "spend more time with the family" goal. Winner!!

I'll keep both of those goals for next week too, alongside aiming for a smaller deficit.

Who reckons 12st 12lbs is toast next week?

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Zanna, travelling tart said...

Fantastic - well done. And yes we'll be toasting next week! Zxx

Tina xx said...

I feel that your going to reach 12st 11 lb next week.... i have every faith in you x

Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

good for you! way to get out there and get physical! i ate out a lot last week, too, but my exercise kicked that food's butt and i lost, too! we rock!

Watching and Weighting said...

hey chicken that's fantastic!!! WOOOOOOOOOOP!!! have you considered a ww 'fast start' week to whip your metabolism into shape a bit?? justa thought - has worked for me int he past when i'd got myself in a bituva pickle (nott hat you are, im just sayin!)

love love x