Monday, 22 March 2010

Looking on the bright side

I had a great weekend - exactly what I needed to reset after a hectic week last week.

And don't you just love this Spring weather? I was ablento go out in t-shirt and jeans yesterday! Love it!

Anyway, I'm jumping ahead of myself. Up til yesterday evening I had a good weekend on plan. I stayed in my points, I went to the gym on Saturdy morning. And then, and I'm smacking myself round the head for this, for some reason I decided to have pizza with the boys last night. I wasn't even particularly hungry and yet somehow 4 slices found there way into my mouth. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I'd been planning to have soup or pasta for tea to stay within my points, but there I was sat eating pizza. On the plus side it wa home-made from scratch so no nasty, fatty, artificial crap, but I still reckon 4 points a slice (they were medium sized) plus Mayo leaves me with about a 20 point deficit. Booooo!!!

So now I've got some catching up to do.

Other than that it was a really peaceful weekend. I had a very nice chilled out afternoon and evening on Friday, pottering around town and watching copious episodes of Glee. After the gym on Saturday I watched the rugby, baked some lemon cupcakes, and then got talked into going out with friends. As I'm very much trying to save money as well as stick to Weightwatchers at the moment, I decided to venture out, but drive and not drink. I can't say I'd want to do it on every night out, but I had fun, spent a whole £2 the entire night and didn't use any points on drinks or wake up with a hangover, so it definitely has some plus points!

After a much needed lie-in yesterday I went for a walk on the hills with Bridget in glorious sunshine. It was a lovely afternoon out - we walked and talked and a had a cold drink and an icecream cone at the hotel at the far end of the hills - we've decided we're definitely doing more things like that this year!

Overall, I'm disappointed that I tripped up last night, but I'm still on track to complete my mini-goal of finishing this week with a smaller deficit than last week, even if I don't manage to scrape any more points back this week, so that's positive.

Happy Monday everybody!

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Terri said...

You know what, we all have those slip-ups. We just have to dust ourselves off and move on, right? I did great this week...except for Thursday. Thursday, I had ice cream for lunch with a side of salt and pepper chips. See, you're not the only one. Great job moving on!