Monday, 15 March 2010

Meeting stars, kissing strangers and decluttering

Phew - that turned out to be a busy old weekend!!! For once though, I managed to stay relatively on track and although I do have a bit of a deficit to catch up on this week, it's not an insurmountable one - which makes a welcome change!!

After work I ran around running errands in the afternoon, and then spent a happy couple of hours in the kitchen baking. I'm loving learning to bake, even if I do have to be mindful of how many of my own goodies I consume.

After the first load of cupcakes were on the rack cooling, I just had time to grab a shower and get changed before running off to catch a train to Birmingham. After meeting up with friends we just had time to grab a drink before heading off to see Newton Faulkner at Symphony Hall.

It was an absolutely fabulous show - the guy is amazingly talented and a great performer too - but we were absolutely starving when it finished at 10.30pm, so the group decision was to grab dinner at the nearby Handmade Burger Co. This could have been such a disaster but I'm glad to say I kept my head and ordered a Cajun chicken burger (grilled chicken breast, Cajun Mayo and salad on a bun) and skipped chips in favour of an undressed side-salad. I enjoyed it, left part of the bun and stayed in my points for the day.

On the way back to car, we passed back through Symphony Hall and guess who we saw?! Mr Newton Faulkner himself!!! He was just finishing up a meet and greet and as it was getting quiet we shyly went over to ask if he'd sign our tickets for us. The guy was lovely - really friendly - so I thought I'd be a real geek:

Saturday morning, I had a lie-in and pottered round the kitchen baking a second batch of cup-cakes and learning how to do frosting for the first time. Success!!! Look how pretty they turned out!

They're chocolate at the back and peaches and cream at the front - both from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook Sid bought me.

After that it was another quick change (I had a I-don't-know what-to-wear moment so Sheena stepped in and rifled through my wardrobe and chucked stuff at me to wear, and then we headed into town to watch tr rugby with friends.

One thing led to another an before I knew it the game was over, we'd all gone out for dinner (I know - the second time in as many days, but I avoided thr starters, and stuck to a tried and tested tomato-pasta dish) and then on for some drinks. Somehow I then got dragged out to a club, despite so not being dressed for it. I think sometimes though, the nights that are sprung on you at the last moment are often the best. There was crazy dancing, a few more drinks, including dome I'll advised Jagerbombs, and despite feeling under-dressed compared to most of the other girls out, I somehow ended up having a total teenager-flashback and snogging the face of some random stranger on the dance floor. Not my usual style, but a much needed and timely boost to the ego. I finally crawled into my bed at 4am.

I paid for all the drinking yesterday with a less than pleasant hangover so it was a pretty slow start to the day. When I finally got moving I ran some errands off my list of things to do, including finally clearing out the rubbish bags from the hall cupboard and taking them to the tip, and finally bagging up the two big bin-liners of old clothes that are too big and taking them to the recycling bank. That was highly therapeutic I can tell you, to get rid of them - a positive statement that I won't be needing them again. I also dropped a load of the cupcakes round to friends to get them out the house, although I may have indulged in a few myself due to my hungover state. I know - ironic that I made it through 2 days or eating out and drinking and then ran over my points on a day when I wasn't doing much.

An ok day today, took a load of cakes to work to hand out and successfully managed to ignore the siren call of them after my allotted one mid-morning. I was going to head out for a run this evening, but I'm pretty snotty and bunges up with a cold so thought I concentrate on trying finish the day off eating right and then get a decent night's sleep.

More anon, troopers.

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Linz M said...

Sounds like a fab weekend - I love Newton Faulkner - V. Jealous!!

I also have that cookery book and I've been too scared of baking from it in case I inhaled the lot in one go, willpower is somewhat lacking presently :)

Gald to hear you sounding a bit happier and hope you're feeling a bit better too x