Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Lists, lists, lists

Sometimes you really underestimate how good your friends are. After getting council from Bridget at the pub, I spent a long time chatting to Jon last night when I got home on MSN - more good advice and unquestioning support later, and I finally went to bed feeling more peaceful.

And the advice I got? Take your problems and break them down into more manageable bits, then break them down again. Keep going until you have a list of lots of little tasks that are easy to tackle. Also - stop worrying about the things you can change, and just change them, and the things you can't change? Well, stop worrying about them.

Good advice indeed.

So I spent my lunch hour today scribbling in my notepads, doing just that - it looks a bit more like a molehill than a mountain now, albeit a bloody big molehill. But there's the basic strategies on dealing with my debts, my career, travelling, my health / weight and family. And I came up with some basic rules and guidelines I want to keep in mind too. To keep me focused, I want to get a big pin-board and put all this stuff where I can see it. I'm not the most creative of people, so it's going to be a bit like a 5 year old being set loose with the crayons. I am quite a visual person though, so I think this would be a good thing to have. Being able to see me ticking off mini-goals along the way - not just weight stuff, but on all my goals - will be rewarding.

Back to my awesome friends - not only do they offer me good advice and non-judgmental support, they are apparently psychic. I was chatting to them on email this afternoon at work (actually discussing where I could get my pin-board from), when Sid said he thought I'd seemed a bit down and had bought me a present. How nice is that?!?! He bought it round this evening - the guy is officially a legend - here's what he got me:

Oh yeah!!!

I'm very excited about this - I've wanted this for ages!!! Not particularly healthy recipes I'll grant you, but then as I've already discovered - when learning to bake, I have a lot of friends and workmates who are more than happy to devour the extras!

So yeah - my friends totally rock!

Food's been ok-ish today, I've done something off my list, in that I went and had dinner with my Dad after work (spending more time with my family is one of my goals), and said no to pudding - it's not perfect, but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction one little bit at a time.

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