Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Exciting times!

Evening comrades!

So stuff and things have been happening at Casa del Sue in the last 24 hours ... and whilst I might well be wondering if I've lost my marbles, or at the very least temporarily mislaid them, I'm also wildly excited!

Errr, right, where to start? So yesterday was good in terms of eating - I planned my food, which meant that I could cook a tasty butternut squash risotto for Bridget when she came over in the evening (and Sid too, who gate-crashed lol), and stay on plan, and then we bombed off to the pub quiz at one of our locals.

Today - also good. It's getting boring right? Me just saying "it's been ok today". Sorry about that! I had a slight swap round with what I'd planned today, as a colleague at work has bought in amazing home-made cakes to celebrate her birthday, so I had some of the banoffee pie (oh. my. god. so good!), but then delayed my planned dinner with my Dad tonight until lunch on Friday, so I could just come home and have a healthy salad for tea instead.

I also finally got my car back from the garage after it broke down all those weeks ago. Un-freakin'-believable!!! Remember this face? Yep - the garage have been hanging on to my car since then. 4 weeks. They rang to tell me this afternoon that it was ready, after telling me 3 different delivery dates for the part that needed to be replaced, including telling me yesterday that it would be at least another week or so. My joy at getting my car back was more than offest though by them telling me that the quote they gave me previously for the work, was a £100 less than the final price .... grrrrrrrr.

After getting my car back and getting home, I was in a pretty grumpy mood, so rather than ditch my planned run, I decided to go and channel the negative energy into something useful. And you know what? It felt like the best run I've done this year so far, so I was really glad that I made the effort to go.

I've gone into my activity points a bit today, as I put mackeral on my evening salad - I guess if you're going to plough over your points, eating one of your portions of oily fish a week is a good way to do it.

I keep wondering why it is, that when we're on a roll, we're inspired to keep going and make the little sacrifices, and we even feel good in a masochistic way for making them, but when we're down, it's so difficult to even make one little decision right, and denying yourself the unhealthy stuff becomes an impossibility. And more to the point, how do you just flip the switch and change one mentality to the other?

OK - now the exciting stuff. I've booked flights to Costa Rica. In August. For 4 whole weeks!


I am so damn excited! It's a huge step for me, as this will be the first proper extended backpacking I've ever done.

I'm going with Jo and Lissa (who I went to Croatia with last year) and God only knows how I'm going to fund it (I've half an idea on that one) and what I'm going to do about my job (only about a quarter of an idea) - but I tell you what - if this is not the best motivation to keep going and get to goal (hello? pretty much a month in a bikini?) then I don't know what is.

So Carribbean beaches, surfing, cloud forests and zip lines in the tree canopy, monkeys, turtles, and trekking up volcanoes, here I come!

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