Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Edging back on plan

I'm tracking properly still, which is good, but reveals an underlying problem in that I've started snacking again. I'm trying hard to make today about making good choices. It's hard-going when the office is full of cakes yet again and I'm inexplicably starving but I'm hanging in there so far.

I've been really struggling to get the scales moving below 12st 12lbs since skiing - that's where I'm sat today so I'm just focusing on staying on plan and getting through that. It's one lb at a time at the moment, one day at a time.

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Sarah said...

Good luck! Know how you feel with the cakes in the office, I have the exact same problem - just gotta try and stay focused!

Also, noticed that you used an iPhone app to post your entry - do you know what that's called?

Just stumbled across the WW5+ blogroll btw, that's how I found you! :)


starfish264 said...

Hi Sarah - the app I use is BlogPress - I can manage multiple blogs from it, and it keeps track of my last 20 or so posts so I can edit them. There's simple features for uploading photos / videos from my phone, although you can't do effects like italics, etc, at the moment. Simple but it works! I also use an app called Feeds to download the blogs I follow daily and read, which is pretty good too.

Glad to say I avoided the cakes sucessfully - phew - and definitely feel good about it!

S x