Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Living for the weekend

Evening, my lovelies!

Apologies for the absense - I went to Bristol for the weekend with friends and I was totally wiped out by last night. Excuses, excuses!!

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend - quality time spent with two lovely ladies who I'm honoured to call friends, and it involved everything a proper girly weekend should: namely wine, shopping, a fantastic dinner out, cocktails, more wine, dancing, (sore feet), (lack of sleep), a very lazy morning and brunch, a lovely walk round the docks and a good chick flick at the cinema.

On the confession side of things, I now have a some-what hefty points deficit to work on this week - kind of inevitable after a dinner that involved rabbit ravioli (oh. my. god. They were to die for), lamb that literally fell apart under the fork, and sticky toffee pudding that could produce an orgasm in most grown women, as well as any sentence that involves the words "wine" and "cocktails".

But I didn't let myself go crazy. I certainly enjoyed what I had, in fact I savoured every last bite of it, but I didn't let that one night out spill into the rest of the weekend. We also walked a lot, both while we were shopping and just for the hell of it on Sunday.

We got home late Sunday evening, and despite my lift stopping to get fish and chips on the way, I arrived home food-free and skipped tea as I still felt full after eating some pic'n'mix at the cinema earlier. On a separate note, we saw The Blind Side and I absolutely loved it and would absolutely recommend it. I left that cinema with a lump the size of a golf ball in my throat.

Anyhoo - back to that very first paragraph where I said I was wiped out last night, well I'm going to be a bit smug. I was absolutely shattered last night, but I still went for a run when I finally got home from work at 8. Nice.

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