Thursday, 18 March 2010

Eating out

I ate "out" last night for the third time this week. I obviously don't like to try and make things easy on myself!

I finished the work day on plan and without snacking, and then dropped in another quick run as soon as I got home. It felt harder than the day before as not only had I selected a hillier route (although infinitely more scenic as it crosses the common) but I already had muscles from the previous day that were trying to remember what this running malarkey was all about. Still, I did ok against my memories of the last time I ran that circuit (only stopped to walk and catch my breath once at the top of the hill on the common, rather than needing 3 breaks like last time) and there is a small sense of accomplishment in a job well done.

Straight after I'd got changed I went round for tea at my Dad's. As well as recently recommitting to my health, I've decided that I need more regular family time so I'm aiming to spend at least one evening a week with my Dad. Unfortunately, on this occasion Dad decided he wanted Chinese takeaway when I rang to say I was on my way over. Rats!!!

Like a good girl, I checked how many points I had left, and bought him what he wanted, but decided to exercise a litttle healthy selfishness and bought myself something with less points in. I also turned down icecream for dessert, walked to the pub to meet friends for a drink afterwards instead of driving, and steered clear of the alcohol - 1 vodka and slimline and then on to Diet Coke or water - and by a scramble I survived the day only 2 points over. Not too shabby.

Today, just for shits and giggles, I've got another flaming dinner out. I KNOW!!!! 4!!!!! 4 meals out in a week!!!! Gaaaah!!!

So plan, plan, planning I am! The dinner is for one of my best friend's birthdays so I obviously don't want to miss it, and to be honest, by this point I'm on a mission to prove to myself that I can do it this week and cope. Next week will be a bloody breeze after this!

On a separate note - I just went out to go and buy my lunch, and suddenly realised exactly how starving I was - proper hot and cold, shaky starving (where'd that come from all of a sudden???). Two things: 1st - I had to suddenly think very carefully about what I was buying for lunch. I'd planned on a wrap and a Shapers chocolate bar, but immediately found myself thinking "I'm really hungry - it won't be enough!". Logic eventually prevailed as deep down I know that I actually tend to get full QUICKER when I'm really hungry, and I talked myself down from the ledge with promises of further food later if I actually need it.

2nd - when I got back to the office the temptation was to rip in to my lunch and practically inhale it without tasting it. I forced myself to slow down though and exercise some control - at least I now remember having my lunch!

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