Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Almost got it right

Yep, I'm still struggling a bit here. I feel like I'm slowly moving in the right direction, but I often come to the right decision too late.

Last night was a prime example. I ate well during the day, filled up on stir-fry at dinner - just veg, chicken breast, soy sauce and ginger. I managed to complete a very healthy food shop whilst starving hungry (which believe you me is a massive exercise is self-will all on its own!), but didn't quite get the cinema right in the evening.

I thought ahead at the supermarket and thought about grabbing a little pack of Malteserd to take with me. But that little voice in my head still whispered that it wasn't enough of a treat. So I ended up getting pic'n'mix again - and while it was nice, it was too much (and it wasn't even a big portion) and I ende up wishing I'd gone with the Maltesers. Next time I'll make thr right decision. I hope.

Still - I think I was near as damnit on my points yesterday. I just need to get this eyes bigger than stomach thing of mine under control.

Today I'm shopping after work with Bec, and in an all day meeting with a working lunch. I look on this as an opportunity not a pitfall. I can't snack in all day meetings, I've bought my own lunch to eat instead of the evil buffet and I don't snack if I'm busy doing something fun like shopping.

Now I've just got to make sure I don't spend too much money and that I've looked up the possible options for tea.

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