Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Champagne picnics and trying a little moderation

Wow - so I had a lovely weekend, but yet another points deficit at the end of it. Same old story, huh?

After getting my car serviced on Friday and it turning out to be traumatically expensive (think £88 ballpark) I was in need of a drink and some cheering up on Friday night. I met friends in the pub garden and after that we all trailed off to try a new Indian restaurant that had opened locally.

It was absolutely gorgeous food (I had Goan king prawns ina tomato and coconut sauce, which came with some crab rice, and shared a peshwari naan with a friend), but I am quickly coming to realise that even if you keep an eye on your food points, it's pretty pointless if you then allow yourself to be talked into sharing bottles of wine!

This became a recurring theme on Saturday, but more of that in a sec. Saturday was my friend lissa's birthday celebration, and she'd opted for a long sunny walk in the countryside with a picnic en route and some beers in thr sun on the hills. We got an absolutely glorious day for it, and I thoroughly enjoyed our little romp through the countryside. I don't if it's just me, but my walking fitness seems to have improved rapidly over the last couple of weeks, to the point where I'm now enjoying a 10.5 mile walk with energy still to spare at the end.

At lunchtime we found ourselves a peaceful grassy field with views of the hills to come, and Lissa whipped out both a proper picnic rug and a bottle of champagne - luxury indeed! It was a lovely, lovely day out, and we rounded off the evening with another meal out.

Hello Recurring Theme - nice to see you again! As with Friday night - I was quite conservative with my food choices, but let myself get talked into sharing a bottle of wine. On the second round, I finally spoke up and asked for a vodka and slimline tonic instead, but I felt awkward about being so, well, awkward. This is definitely something I need to get over, as the wine has accounted for a lot of my extra points in the last couple of weeks, and I need to be more selfish about what I want and need. It doesn't help that I actually really like wine, so there's no particular motivation to turn it down, apart from how bad it is for me!

Sunday and yesterday have been quiet days where I ate consciously and saved some points. I was pleased on Sunday that I was really craving fresh bread, and managed to stop at half of the baguette for lunch and keep the other half for tea. A step in the right direction.

I also went to spin last night, which was a particularly brutal session - but I actually relished that as it was exactly what I needed. I'm a bit gutte though that there aren't any more intermediate rides scheduled at the moment with the mountain bike club, so I'm going to have to wait my turn to put my legs to good use again. I'm trying to talk myself into going out alone but it just doesn't have the same appeal.

The rest of this week is pretty manic. I'm out for the cinema to night (I've cancelled the dinner I was supposed to be going to beforehand, and I'm trying to work out my snacks in advance), tomorrow I'm catching up with Bec who wants to go shopping (note to self - try and avoid fast food for dinner afterwards) and I'm having a girly evening with Bridget on Thursday. Friday I'm on a night out in Cheltenham with Jo - but we've already agreed - no wine, spirits and diet mixers and a healthy option for dinner. Will have to see how it goes!

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