Friday, 16 April 2010

Converting to metric

Well, temporarily at least, as my scales seem to have inexplicably decided that the Imperial Way is no longer for them. Baaaaah humbug to them!!

That added an element of mathemathical challenge to this morning's weigh in, as I had to groggily try and work out what 81.4 kg translate to in stones and lbs. I THINK it's 12st 11lbs or there abouts, which puts me a lb down on last week.

This number seems to have been my sticking point for the last couple of months - the one I get down to before bouncing back up again like Tigger. I guess now's as good a time as any to try to get past it since I find myself so tantalisingly close again!

Last night we went to a charity poker evening, where I was amused to walk away with the runners up prize after clearing all the chips on my table in the last hand. And the reason it was so amusing - I've never played poker before and play with more style and panache than actual skill. Which vaguely translates as: I have suicidal betting tendencies and no poker face to speak of!

And the runners up prize? A 500g bar of Galaxy chocolate. Typical!!! It's now safely stowed in my baking cupboard where I can quietly forget about it, until I decide to do something useful with it like make it into cookies and give them away to my grateful friends :-)

I was more impressed with my raffle prize - USB fairy lights for my computer - the ultimate girly decoration!! Genius!

Today after work (my half day) I'm going to go and find a coffee shop to chill in for a couple of hours with my book and a healthy lunch then I'm off to the races at Cheltenham for the evening meet.

Tomorrow morning is then going to start bright and early with a 9.30 meet for a ride out with a local mountain biking club. Good times.

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