Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Determination and a little accountability

... is a wonderful thing. My eating is slowly getting a bit cleaner and I feel a bit more motivated to keep things going. Regular emails and texts have been flying backwards and forwards between myself and my co-challenger, Jo, listing the temptations, the errors and the accomplishments.

Yesterday I did what Weightwatchers tell you not to (and something I wouldn't normally advocate but I needed a kickstart) and I saved about 10 points from daily food allowance plus another 5 or so from exercise.

I ate plenty - proving that such a thing is possible on about 11 points for the day, and hit the gym after work to churn out 15 mins on the cross-trainer and a 30 min run on the treadmill.

I'm eating super-low again today and tomorrow (but on the same principle of plenty of low point foods rather than going hungry), and I'm currently debating whether to walk up the Beacon tonight for my exercise or get my bike out and peddle somewhere instead.

I'm super fingers-crossed for some kind of loss on Friday to break through this blasted mental barrier I'm stuck at - it's spring, optimism is in the air and (dieting) hope springs eternal.

On a very positive note, good things have happened to my Spring wardrobe this year. For one things heels are more comortable to wear now (less pressure on the same surface area of my foot I assume) and I've even found myself starting to wear them on nights out which I used to avoid like the plague.

I'm also starting to find that skirts without tights are a possibility which is great. It's not nice, but when you're overweight it's hot and uncomfortable to go bare-legged because there's too much flesh competing for the same space. Worse still, if you're walking any distance chafing becomes a real issue. Sorry - too much info, but it's true. Trim a couple of inches from each thigh though and it's WAY more comfortable. Which is great because there are so many cute summer skirts and dresses around this year!

And finally button-up shirts fit better - because the body's more of a standard shape without weird lumps and bumps in unexpected places. Sure, they make shirts in bigger sizes, but they're all just a bigger version of a normal healthy figure that has a waist. And the truth is that most overweight people don't have much of a waist - I didn't, so that shape just doesn't fit. Well, hooray for them fitting now.

Know what I'm wearing to work today? You guessed it - strappy suede heels, bare legs, a short skirt (well, above the knee anyway) and a fitted shirt.


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