Thursday, 29 April 2010

Feeling on top of the world

Good morning troopers - how's it going?

Why the over-exuberant title you ask?

No huge achievements, but something smaller that I'm proud of. Something I've been meaning to do for ages.

Something so simple, but that I've not been managing.


I'm talking about making sacrifices, making good decisions and staying on track.

I know - not a huge deal is it? But it's been eluding me for a while now.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a working lunch with a buffet yesterday, and then a shopping trip last night with Bec. My solution? I manned up, decided to ignore whatever anyone else thought, and took my own sandwich and a yoghurt into the meeting. Ironically, the other participants were just impressed that I was sticking to my guns.

And to deal with last night, I took 15 mins whilst I was getting ready to research my options. I knew from experience that it usually ends up being fast food because we shop til the mall closes and then suddenly realise we're starving. I don't know about you, but that scenario rings alarm bells with me.

And you know what? Being forewarned totally helped. I was hungry when we hit the drive-thru but I knew my options and didn't want to mess up ..... so I totally didn't!

This week's gone well so far, and it shows. I'm on track to finish my week within about 5 points of my weekly total. I can't tell you when that last happened. I'm being far more honest with myself and my tracker, which has meant that I've had to make some sacrifices to get there. But what I realised is that those sacrifices don't have to be that hard. That having a little of what you fancy instead if a whacking great portion of it stops me feeling sick or guilty after, but doesn't leave me feeling particularly deprived either. Mostly it leaves me feeling good and in control.

Oh, and the scales are finally reflecting a little of my effort. This morning I was bang on 12 st 10 lbs - that barrier I've been banging my head on for 3 months. And I have no intention of messing up today.

What do the rest of you do when you feel like you've lost track of your goals and the path to get you there? Because I'm totally in the mood to take all available tips at the moment to keep me going forward!

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mbm1forever said...

Great job. Especially with the demonic fast food line. You are doing great and these small, but significant changes make a world of difference in your health. Keep up the great work!!!

Linz M said...

Good work! I am going to have to try and follow your lead when I get back from holiday!

I've not tips for you as I am completely struggling myself of late, but I am interested to hear what everyone else has to say!