Friday, 30 April 2010

On the move again

.... And thank god - this time it's downwards. A solitary lb gone at weigh in this morning, but a quick check of the graphs reveals that this is the lowest I've managed since returning from skiing in January, so woohoo for that!!! This week's weight - 12st 10lbs.

Points deficit at the end of the week? A very small 4.5!!!! MILES better than anything I've managed recently. And pretty damn honest to boot with very little sliding under the radar and not getting recorded.

It's the start of a long weekend, kicking off tonight with dinner and a night out. Jo and I have already promised to look out for each other's dinner choices, stick to the spirits and avoid the wine (and in fact just generally take it easy on the booze) and to maybe get some dancing in. I'm keeping my food choices light today to try and leave something for later.

I REALLY want to lose even just 0.5lb this coming week to bust that 12st 10lb barrier out of the water and get heading back to my 12st 6lb lowest weight to date. That's going to mean some serious committment to my eating and moving - particularly over the weekend. I'm thinking as much incidental walking as I can fit in is a good thing!

I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how it started!

Oh - and Combat last night kicked my ass. Literally. My butt aches something chronic from all the back kicks! If it's not super-toned when all this is done, I might have to go and kick something. Again.

Have an amazing weekend all!!! And I promise to come back with a photo post soon - it's been too long!!

Mwah!!! XXX

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