Monday, 13 September 2010

Day-to-day routine

It's been a quiet kind of day today, which has been rather pleasant. I got up this morning to find that I'd successfully out-waited the banoffee remnants, and my flatmate had apparently either had a late night snack or a very sweet breakfast. It was gone - that was all that mattered.

My own eating today has been glued to plan, although annoyingly I didn't save quite as many points as I'd planned, as I am trying to be ultra-honest with my tracking and that meant having to own up to extra points on things when I actually checked portion sizes. Since the foods in question were sweetcorn and strawberries (no ... obviously not together!) I'm not exactly worried - it just means I only got to bank 4.5 points today instead of 6. No worries.

It's mostly been a day of pottering round the house. The big rucksack has finally been emptied completely and stashed back in the cupboard to await my next adventure. I had a little rummage through my wardrobes and found a few more things that were too big, and then wonder of wonders, I found a whole stash of black-tie dresses at the back of my wardrobe and 2 good quality suits, that are not only too big, but potentially saleable on eBay to try and raise a bit of cash. Always nice when that happens!

I've also come to the tragically sad conclusion that I need to do some serious shoe culling.

Excuse me while I just go and sob quietly in the corner.

*Sniff*. One side effect of my weight loss has been that my feet had shrunk around a full size; while a lot of my boots and shoes with straps have survived intact, more than a few of my courts have fallen foul of the shrinkage, and won't bloody stay on my feet. Gut-ted. I luuuuurve my shoes, and often spend quite a lot on them. It was bad enough when I had to replace an expensive pair of knee-high boots last year because they fitted approximately as well as a pair of waders, but having shoes getting too big just takes the biscuit. Bah!!!

So .... out they're all going to have come, blinking into the light of day, and I'm going to have to (try and) be ruthless with them.

Oh well ... more fodder for eBay I guess!

Other than that adventure, the day has mostly been filled with chores (washing up: dull, doing the clothes washing: dull), trying to cobble together a lunch out of the total dearth of veg in my fridge (apparently I eat a lot of it, and demolished the last lot already!), and strolling up to the supermarket to get more veggies and fruit. Two fresh mangoes are now dissected and boxed ready for delicious and easy consumption over the next couple of days.

After that, I went to spin tonight for the first time in 5 weeks. Oooooooh - either it got harder or my legs have degraded a bit in the interim! Sweat, and more sweat, was pouring off me! Done and dusted though (and I even found time to fix my cleats beforehand!). Tim (my instructor) valiantly said he thought I'd lost more weight whilst I've been away, so I think that having a tan must be a flattering look for me!

Leftover lasagne with lots of leafy spinach for tea when I got home, and strawberries for pudding.

Tomorrow's fun and exciting plans involve Brutal Circuits and trying to put a few things on eBay I think, and some more wardrobe rummaging / clothes clearance.

Gee - isn't life exciting???

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Kathleen said...

Great that the banoffee disappeared! And it sucks when stuff you love won’t fit you anymore…but at least it’s due to LOSING weight and not GAINING. LOL