Tuesday, 28 September 2010

When it all comes together ….

Yeah, I just love those days, when everything works and the health shit looks after itself.  I ate awesomely yesterday … by which I mean awesome quantities of food, but all super-healthy and delicious (bacon, leek and mushroom risotto anyone?).  That even left me points to make up, just to get to my minimum for the day (I’m on 21 points a day, so Weightwatchers says I have to eat a minimum of 17) – guess which lucky girl got to enjoy half a giant triple chocolate chip cookie last night.  Mmmmmmmm … that would be me.  It was goooooooood.

I hit the gym for spinning too.  Side note:  how does someone who’s been home all day with nothing to do, still manage to be late for her class??  It’s one of the finer mysteries in life!  Sweaty goodness for 45 mins dialled in – all present and correct :o)

With all of yesterday’s cooking, I have the luxury of a feast of leftovers to eat today – more soup, more risotto (and the other half of the cookie).  I can tell I’m really mentally present with this eating thing at the moment, as I did my food shop yesterday lunchtime whilst I was starving, and didn’t buy all the stupid things that break a week.  Normally, that would be a recipe for me buying lots of things that I want to eat right there on the spot, i.e. all the things that just aren’t healthy for you, but I caught myself before I could make those mistakes and left with what I needed and no more.

I’m trying very hard to get out of the habit of “treating” or “rewarding” myself with food.  Firstly, because a treat is only a treat if you have it rarely, and that’s not how it tends to go with me.  Secondly, because food should hardly ever be a reward for something.  That’s just setting yourself up for failure.  I’m thinking that a treat should be something I have once a month or less, if I’m going to put a number on it.  That’s all the stuff like takeaways, chocolate and fudge (my own personal nemesis), and probably eating out too …. which as anyone who’s been around here a while knows, does not happen only once a month.  Or even once a week.  Hell, not even once a day sometimes.  Definitely something that needs working on.

Anyhoo, with all the good eating, and Spin last night, and Brutal Circuits tonight, I’ve whittled Sunday night’s post-weekend points deficit from 21 points, to 4.

Inspiration Time

I stumbled on this earlier, via The Anti-Jared’s daily post (you can see him over there in my blog roll).  Did I get a lump in my throat watching it?  Hell, yes.  Did I feel inspired to get my lazy (and still pyjama-clad at 12 noon, I might add) ass off the sofa and go do something.  Yep (but not so much that I’m not here typing to you).  See what you think:

And then there was this post this morning too: Bitch Cakes kicking it in New York, in remembrance of something special.  More lumps in my throat.  More inspiration.

And a decision nearly made, to do something I’ve been scared of in support of a good friend of mine.  10km.  17 October.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Great! I decide to do a 5K; you gotta one-up me by going 10K. That's almost twice as many K! Way to show me up!

Kathleen said...

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie…yum! I hate grocery shopping when I’m hungry…you are right, it leads to buying a lot of unnecessary stuff.

Zanna said...

Thought I'd come to the wrong place - like the new blog look! You're sounding so 'together' right now - and got the food and the exercise happening the way they should - awesome! Zxx