Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Plyometrically challenged

Oh yeah – cos circuits weren’t hard enough, Wendy (evil genius instructor) introduced plyometrics into the mix tonight.

  • Plyometric step ups - step up (high cardio step) and jump, arms in the air – 3 in a row on the same leg (a triple bounce), then swap leading leg.
  • Bicep curls 8.5kg bar.
  • Plyometric lunges – lunges on alternate legs with a jumping switch between the two.
  • Forward bend, walk-down on hands in to plank, tricep dip, walk back up to standing.
  • Shuttle runs.
  • Ab crunches – feet in air.
  • Plyometric squats – jump forward into squats, and jump back to starting position.
  • Abs – lying on back, overhead extension with 5kg medicine ball, and then reach up in a crunch.
  • Traditional squats 22kg bar.
  • Abs – lie on back, 5kg weight on chest and legs in the air bent at the knees.  Extend the weight over head and away and push one leg away in extension.  Pull back and repeat with other leg.  Keep alternating.
  • Standing sideways to the wall, jump up and touch as high as possible and then immediately touch the floor same hand.  Repeat for 5 and then switch sides.
  • Shuttle runs.
  • Straight arm shoulder raise to the front, with 3kg hand-weights.

Each station for 60 seconds, 5 second interval to move, one 2 minute break at the end of the circuit. Second round, 40 second stations, third time 20 seconds.

Surprisingly, I didn’t fall over dead half-way through.

I think I might well hurt quite a lot in the morning though.

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Seren said...

Wow. I'm afraid that just reading that makes me want to take a nap. Kudos!