Sunday, 12 September 2010

Feeling guilty

Ha! How many of you saw that heading and are questioning how badly I've eaten?

As we all know, in Sue-world, weekends are far more treacherous than the week. It's the way of the world, and this one was no different to most in that respect. However, I'm not feeling too bad about it.

Let's just clarify, and get it out the way: I am currently in points deficit for the week. 10 points. Not too bad at all, as some of my past weekends go, and given how truly excellent I was last week (if I do say so myself), I'm not at all worried about making up that ground very quickly. That however is not what I'm feeling guilty about.

All of that deficit stems from Friday, when I cooked dinner for my flatmate and we had a girly night in (which was gate-crashed by my neighbour Jon). Friday's dinner was a particularly good example of why some foods are worth busting most of your day's points on, and others definitely aren't.

I've promised Sheena for ages that I would make my lasagne for her, as it's a dish she loves, but she doesn't really do much in the kitchen except heat soup. It's not something I cook often, as I tend to remember it as being really heavy on the calories and fat, and therefore difficult to fit into a healthy-eating day. Since I'm not eating so much during the day at the moment though, it's a perfect time to make it - plus it's a labour of love in the kitchen for me, as I make absolutely everything from scratch, so not having to do a full day of work first is also a bonus.

In fact, when I sat down and worked it out, a big ol' wedge of my lovely, cheesey, boozey, tastey lasagne actually only came out to 8 points - not bad when you consider that that is pretty much all the meal you need apart from some salad or veg of choice. Sheena provided dessert as her end of the deal: banoffee pie. Which is probably one of my all-time favourite puddings due to all that sweet, gooey, creamy deliciousness (apologies for the food-porn-like nature of this post - we'll be moving right along shortly).

In the vein of tracking honesty, I sat down with the box and worked out the points on the slice I'd had. A fairly small pie, split into quarters - a whopping 11 points a slice. Ouch. The pie, incidentally, was meant to be split into sixths according to the box. Whatever way you look at it, I was pretty shocked that a slice of that wicked (but tasty none-the-less) pie - had more points by nearly 50% than a piece of lasagne twice the size.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed every last lip smacking moment of it, but would I eat some more? Errrrr - no. Not worth it. Damn this knowledge of what I eat!!!!!

So: lasagne + banoffee + a couple of glasses of wine = a bit of a splurge. Not disastrous though as I'd only had some cereal and a bowl of broccoli soup with some toast for the rest of the day.

I would just like to say though - the over-riding theme of this weekend is this:


Yesterday was taken up with lounging in the park in the last of the sun with a shandy, hot chocolate and a cookie in the coffee shop, and then the pub where there were crisps and people trying to persuade me to a) leave the car and drink, and b) get Indian takeaway with them and go back to theirs for further drinking. Saintliness is mine as I considered my wallet / waistline and drove home after several diet cokes to eat my broccoli soup. Good job really, that in a further fit of virtuousness, I'd also gone to the gym for a session as soon as I got up in the morning. No points saved, but none lost either.

Today I've been out shopping with Bec in Cheltenham. Nice to get out the house, and the guarantee of some exercise whilst mooching round the shops, but torture because I'm so broke I can't afford anything. Rather than eat out for lunch, we raided M & S and sat on a park bench in the sun eating sushi, so that worked out rather well. After that I headed round to my Dad's for tea - yep - here we go again with the feeding.

A pile of sandwiches, just for 3 of us (I had one and stopped), jelly with fruit and ice-cream (so a small portion of jelly then, hold the ice-cream) and strawberry cheesecake (miniscule portion for me please).

HA!!! Smug! I've done it on my terms and have points to bank for the day.

But nooooooooooo - dad's not finished yet. "I've put the other half of the cheesecake in a box for you to take home". Peachy. I explained that I'm trying to watch what I eat, and have deliberately de-toxed the fridge. "Well, you can share it out with your friends then". Gaaaaah - not listening!!! I took it with good grace.

And, dear reader, I binned it the moment I got home.

I know - it's a shocking waste of food, and I'm sorry I had to do it - I hate losing food when it's gone off, never mind throwing perfectly good food straight in the bin, but right now I do not want it in the house. There's still half a slice of banoffee that's haunting me in there for Christ's sake (that might be for the chop, aka the bin, tomorrow). I look at it this way - it was shop-bought cheesecake - nothing particularly special or homemade. I'm not missing anything, but if I leave it in the fridge I'll end up eating it, and even if it's pointed, I'll be wasting points on something a bit blah, when I could be having something lovely. So it's gone.

Points today are banked. I have a spinning class booked for tomorrow night, and the brutal circuits for Tuesday night. Plans of soup for tomorrow abound. Obviously, I've not stood on the scales since Friday morning, so I don't know how the Banoffee Pie of Doom affected things - and frankly it's nice not knowing. I've just got a goal of finishing the week on plan and I'll worry about the scales then.


Zanna said...

Love your logic - and even although so many people are so lovingly trying to sabotage you - you are in control! Awesome. Zxx

Linz M said...

Hello and welcome back! Hope you had an amazing time. Congrats on the new job also.

11 points for banoffee pie?? OMG. That's very scary.

Good work for being in control - fingers crossed you are rewarded!


Lizzie said...

you are brilliant. x

Kathleen said...

Wow. "WILL EVERYONE PLEASE STOP TRYING TO FEED ME??????" That is freaking hilarious. Also, very interesting about lasagna vs. banoffee calories. That shandy/hot chocolate/cookie meal sounded delicious! Good on ya for throwing that cheesecake in the trash. I know you feel guilty because it’s wasting food – I used to feel that way too – but it’s better than putting it in your body. My advice is to throw the banoffee away as well. Good luck!