Thursday, 23 September 2010

Making the best of things

Sometimes, life throws you a small curveball, and you just have to put the best spin on it that you can.

I was booked to go to Body Balance this morning, but needed to drop my car keys down to the garage after last night. 

Plan 1 was to jump on the bike, spin down there and back and then go to my class at 10.30 as usual.

Plan 1 was foiled because Jon still has my garage key after he borrowed it at the weekend.

Well, fine!  If I don’t have time to walk there and back before my class, I’ll just make the trip itself my work out and run instead.

Surprisingly, I plodded all the way up the hill home without stopping – one small bit of satisfaction in an otherwise mildly frustrating morning.


Seren said...

Every little helps! Well done you - the temptation just to give up and go back to bed must have been hard to resist.


Kathleen said...

Good for you!