Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Not the end to the day I wanted ….

….. also entitled “How my sodding car broke down again” …..

….. or “The time I went to dinner with Jo, and she was lovely enough to bring it to me on the side of the road, and sit on the pavement with me for 2 hours”.

Friends rock – have I mentioned that before?

I went to have dinner with the girls, and swap all our holiday pics, but somewhere en route my beautiful faithful ridiculously unreliable car decided to konk out again.  I’ll leave you to picture the We Are Not Amused look on my face at the time.

Jo’s a legend and after she’d eaten her tea, she bought me mine doggy-bag style, and sat to wait with me for the rescue truck.  We might not have got the photos sorted, but we had a nice chat.

I think she’s actually quite bummed I’m moving to Bristol, which is really sweet (yay – somebody loves me!). 

Anyhoo – my impromptu packed dinner meant I didn’t save as many points as I wanted, but I still squeezed a half point to bank out of the whole debacle.

Tomorrow I shall mostly be shouting at the garage, who had the car at great length to fix this same problem last year.



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Kathleen said...

Good luck with your vehicle. Good friends are the best!