Friday, 10 September 2010


So this is what I have learned this week.

1) Being sat around at home makes it far, far easier to keep a handle on your eating than when you're running round like a loon all day. Time to think, time to plan, time to cook.

2) Not jumping on the scales every day is possible - I guess having a break from them for a month is a good start.

3) Not jumping on the scales every day is also a very good incentive to glue your ass to that plan and stick to it. If you can't see what's going on, then the only hope you have of going in the right direction is to eat right and move right.

4) Even now I'm home, I'm finding I'm far more conscious day to day of how my clothes are fitting - this is a good thing as it stops me panicking about the scales, and gives me something to focus on other than a number.

And with that said, my first proper weigh in day since I got back sees me down 1.5lbs from Monday - back to 12st 8lbs and the lowest I've been since the fateful ski trip. I'm more than happy with that - it's a nice, steady, healthy number that shows that I'm not doing anything stupid. 2lbs more - hopefully over the next week or 2 - and I'll be back to my lowest to date overall, 4 stone gone, and into that last stone to lose!

Enough, talk of weight - let's talk the real world.

Tuesday was taken up with all things job-related. I was invited to attend an assessment centre for one of the big banks down in Bristol, where they were interviewing for 4 jobs. After a clothes stress before-hand, and then a navigational stress on the way there, I made it by the skin of my teeth, and turned in what I thought was a fairly mediocre performance for me. I was up against 15 other people on the day, and having met 6 of them during the group exercise, I wasn't feeling fantastically confident. Other joys during the 3 hour long session, were an unseen case study with 15 mins to analyse and produce a presentation which we then had to give to the interviewer, and a competency based interview.

We were told we'd hear back from the following week. Wednesday morning I got a phone call to say they'd really liked me and were going to offer me a choice of 2 of the roles! After a bit of panicked decision-making and a call to my dad for all important reassurance, I've accepted one of them and I'm no longer unemployed!

The upside - most definitely that I have a job, which looks like it should be quite interesting, has a pretty good reward package, and I've been told that there should be promotion pretty quickly down the line. I got on really well with the manager I interviewed with, who will be the one I work for, and everything I hear tells me they're a good company to work for and they really try and look after their staff.

Downside - I don't start for at least 4 weeks, so that's a further 4 weeks of sitting round being penniless at home - eeeeeek!

Massive change - I'll be moving to Bristol.


I've been talking about it, and thinking about it for a while, but being the queen of procrastination (and in fact, a great big scaredy cat) I haven't got any further than that. So this is a huge thing, as I've finally taken the move that puts everything in motion. I shall be leaving my lovely little town in a couple of months, and the majority of my friends to move back to the big scary city.

I'll be commuting for the first couple of months while I get used to the new job and get to know the city a bit - I've got an idea of where I'd like to look for flats, but it'll be good to get to know the place a bit first. That also gives Sheena time to look for a new flatmate too.

In other (much) smaller news, I went out for my first run in a month on Wednesday morning, and despite telling myself I'd be gentle and just do 20-30 mins, I ended up doing my whole 5k route, with hills. A bit slower than usual at 42 mins, but good to have done it, although my legs still ache a bit today.

Since I am now the world's poorest person, the plan over the next couple of weeks is to keep busy with lots of free activities. Walking, running, going to the gym (since it's already paid for), decluttering my flat, maybe try and sell some stuff on ebay and raise a bit of money, and make use of the library! If I'm not a fitter, healthier person in 4 weeks time, something's probably gone a bit wrong!

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