Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Weekly Meanderings

Isn’t it interesting how you can settle into a new (lazier) life so easily?  God help me when I start work again, because I don’t think I’ll know what hit me!

I didn’t get out for my bike ride with Lindsay on Monday, because like the total idiot that I am, I had double-booked myself.  Late Sunday night, I got a text from my old friend Kate, reminding me that she would be town the following day and asking where we should meet.  Given that I get to see Kate approximately once every 6 months, I figured that she had to take precedence over biking (and anyway, I did say yes to her first), so biking has now been delayed til next week …. but never fear – it will still be happening!!

So anyway, Kate and I met for lunch in Worcester, at a gorgeous  place called the Little Ginger Pig.  Organic food, locally sourced where possible, and everything made fresh on site – in short, a seriously drool-worthy menu.  Over home-made soup and bread, and a slice of the most heavenly coconut and lime cake ever, we chatted, caught up, pulled the world apart and put it to rights again … everything ladies what lunch do best!

We had a little wander round the shops afterwards (I’m not kidding – in my current impoverished state, that’s like pure torture), and I had the best find in T K Maxx.  Normally I hate going in there because, unless you’re in the mood for a proper rummage, it’s hopeless.  But I was browsing the winter coats for something smart, and I found this lovely:


random 006

It’s Roxy, and was £28 reduced from £85!!!  I love it, and yes, I totally feel like Little Red Riding Hood in it!  With the hood on, it’s the perfect weekend coat, and with it off, it’s a good smart trench-style coat for work.

I also bought my first pair of tights for running and biking over the autumn / spring when it’s chillier.  They’re not full-on winter ones – I might get those later, or I might just wuss out if it’s that damn cold!

Monday night was spin class, which seemed tougher than normal (or so my legs told me on Tuesday), but was fun anyway.

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day of running errands.  I sold a couple of pairs of shoes on eBay, so it was time to get them posted off.  As it was a lovely day yesterday, I walked into town in the morning to go and buy packaging for the parcels, and then wandered back in in the afternoon to post them.  Both times, I stared longingly at the display of death lovely chocolate on the Thorntons concession in the Post Office, but turned away without buying.  Chocolate and confectionary is a treat in the new world, and I had some recently so I really don’t need any more.  Plus, there’s a bag of Cadbury’s Buttons in my cupboard already if I want them.

Ah yes – the chocolate Buttons.  So, I bought those at the supermarket on Monday night when I did my weekly shop.  I wanted a small chocolate hit I could have in the cupboard for when I really wanted it.  After much perusal of the chocolate shelves, I selected a small bag of Giant Buttons.  Pretty much a treat-size bag.  Therefore, imagine my grumpiness when I went to point them (before eating them) yesterday evening, and discovered that that little bag is 5 flipping points.  Not happy.  Not happy at all.  Needless to say they went back in the cupboard and I had something else instead.

Last night also featured the latest instalment of the Circuits From Hell class.  I swear Wendy The Instructor, gets more gruesomely inventive each week.  Amongst last night’s delights we had:

  • double leg squat thrusts (unpleasant);
  • press-ups with (on) hand-weights, where at the top of the press-up you raise one arm in the air, with the weight, then another press-up and repeat with the other arm (I think they’re called pyramid press-ups and they’re the spawn of Satan); and
  • a “fabulous” station where you do a press-up, jump up and sideways over an aerobics step, and then do a burpee (squat thrust, jump in the air) and jump back the other way and repeat (hell on earth).

I actually think she’s trying to kill us.

The only good thing to any of that, is that I realised I might be just about able to do full press-ups now, rather than just on knees.  I tried it last night on the second circuit, but since my arms were close to falling out of their sockets by then, I nearly nose-planted into the floor near the bottom of the dip.  Out of curiosity, I tried it again at home this morning, and Oh, Good Grief, if I couldn’t just about manage them!  They’re not quite as perfect form as my kneeling ones, but I honestly never thought I’d see the day I’d do a full press-up on my toes!  Whoooop!

Eating is on track this week, and I’ve got my weekend indiscretion whittled down to 5 points now, which is good.  I haven’t got a gym class today, so I’m just chilling a little bit.  I’m still doing the not-stepping-on-the-scales-daily thing, so I don’t know where my weight stands currently, but I feel a little hopeful for a good result, since my clothes have been feeling a tiny bit looser this week.  Interestingly, as the week has rolled round, I’m back to wanting to step on the scales, but for a different reason to last week.  Then it was all about the reassurance as I felt like I hadn’t lost anything.  This week it’s impatience because I feel like I have.  However, I’m still not going to step on for the same reasons – if it’s not as good as I’m hoping, I’ll get demoralised, and if it is, I might lose focus.  I need to stay honest and straight. 

Which is irritatingly why I had to track a whole 5 points for cereal eaten from the box yesterday.  I know it’s not a good idea to sit down with that stuff, but still I did it while I was reading yesterday.  Ackk!!  What a stupid thing to do.  Still, it’s been tracked, and I (luckily) had points to spare yesterday, but I think of all the better things I could have used my points on instead!

But that’s another post ….


Victoria said...

ohhh lovely coat, looks great on you x

Seren said...

Love the lovely coat!

And serious, serious kudos on the proper press up. The day I can manage one of those will be the day I know I've made it as a fitness bunny :-)


Kathleen said...

Good job resisting the Buttons! That is a gorgeous coat. I love red coats. Mmmm, coconut lime cake sounds SO YUMMY.