Friday, 17 September 2010

Weekly weigh in

Aaaah - the irony of it all.

After desperately wanting to get on the scales the last couple of mornings, when it came to weighing in this morning, I desperately didn't want to! I guess that feeling a little more in tune with my body meant that I knew I was still feeling a little bloated and like I hadn't lost anything, and didn't want to see that reflected on the scales after a week of trying to be really good.

The final result, after thinking initially that I hadn't lost anything at all, was that I'm roughly weighing in just under a lb down on last week. Back to 12st 7lbs, and a lb off my lowest weight. Which means I'm now 15lbs from goal.

It was funny the thoughts racing through my head though - when I thought I hadn't lost anything (and in fact the scales teetered into saying ever-so-slightly-up), I was so utterly disappointed. My primary reaction was "I've worked so hard, and there's nothing there - it doesn't work". It took a minute or so for logic to kick in and remind me that sometimes it doesn't just magically happen straight away in a week, but that's not to say it won't work and it's time to give up. Luckily, by that point the scales had resettled themselves anyway.

My other immediate thought was "this was why I should monitor myself daily" - to make sure it's all on track. I actually think this is why I shouldn't monitor myself daily though - I'm so fed up of the scale being able to have so much impact on my moods, and the ability to set the tone for the rest of the day. That's best reserved for day a week, don't you think? And I need to learn to trust myself the rest of the week.

SO - no more scale now til next week. I commit myself to that again.

Due to a small last minute slip up, I didn't finish the week perfectly on track as I'd planned, as I didn't resist a slice of pizza after the pub last night. That's a crying pity, as without that pizza I'd have been absolutely bang on, but I suppose I can live with a 6 point deficit for the whole week, and I just put that on the list of things to work on next week. I so nearly did resist it too - next time I just need to resist it for a tiny bit longer until someone else eats it! After all - that strategy worked well with The Great Banoffee Pie Crisis earlier in the week ;o)

Other than that, I took my very stiff self off to a Body Balance class yesterday morning in an attempt to a) do something useful with my morning, and b) try and force some degree of flexibility back into my aching muscles. It also had the benefit of being something I could do barefoot to save my blistered feet. I certainly did feel better afterwards, and remembered how much I actually like that class, so re-booked for next week.

In a minute I'm going to hop in the shower and make myself decent, and then go fish my bike out of retirement in the garage and cycle over to see my dad, and maybe go for a potter afterwards in the fresh air. At least my blisters shouldn't be able to complain too much about that either!

This weekend is a busy-ish one, as we're seeing a return of the annual event that is the Pirate Party. Basically, this features a lot of very immature adults who should know better (us) getting dressed up, speaking in idiotic pirate accents and terrorising a lot of pubs and bars in town, one by one. Photos to follow I'm sure. I know that that's going to involve a meal out tomorrow night, and "a few" drinks, so I shall try and plan for that and stay prepared!

And when I get stressed in the future with my weighty moments, I shall breathe deep and think of being here:

Looking at this sunset:

(Photo credit - me. Samara beach, Costa Rica)


Lizzie said...

wowsa! Gorg pics! good for u missus, that scale will not rule your mood! WOOP! Sounds like youre ON IT dude! nice one!

pirate 'do' sounds BRILLO! have a fab weekend xxxx

Kathleen said...

That Pirate Party sounds so fun! Good job on being so active and finding fun activities to do even with your feet being hurt.