Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Getting my run on

It took a while, due to the weather being non-cooperative, but I finally managed to get out and go for a run today.  I was dressed and ready to go at lunchtime, but the rain … well, it poureth down.  I drove up to the hill, to see how bad it was, but no dice.  I’d have been drenched within a couple of minutes.  So I grumpily came home, had some lunch and kept one eye on the weather whilst I chilled for a while.  Around half 3 I noticed it seemed to be clearing, so gear back on and out I went.  It was a good run – a bit muddy but a smile at the end.

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If I’m going to do this 10k, then I need to get some serious trail-pounding in as I need a bit more distance under my belt.  I’ve got about 2 and a half weeks get my legs (and heart) to a point where I won’t collapse in an embarrassing heap somewhere near (or even not near) the end.  Not a bad start today – 7.5k on the hills, and I could probably have run some more if my circular route hadn’t already bought me back to the car.  I think that’s probably the longest I’ve run to date, and I seem to be coping with the hills ok.  I’m still horribly slow – that run took me 58 mins, which is pretty much in line with my 37 min best for a 5k – I guess I’m aiming for a sub 1hr 20 time for this, which is a little depressing as that’s slower than most people.  To complete with minimal walking is more my main aim at the moment.

Other than that, I’ve had another fairly average day.  Food’s good, I’ve run around giving lifts to my Dad.  I gave myself a treat after the run – not food, but an icy cold Diet Coke, and a trashy magazine for a little Me Time.  All good.

In other news, the blind date is not happening.  Ironically, I said yes, but I’ve just received a text from Kirsty (matchmaker extraordinaire) to say that the other matchmakee has chickened out, as he was alcohol-fuelled when he accepted and now he’s sober he’s a bit embarrassed.  I’ll try not to take it personally! 


Linz M said...

Good on you, I really wish I could run. So long as you're doing it, it doesn't matter how quickly (or slowly) you do it - as far as I am concerned anyway.

Boo to the Chicken Blind Date fella - silly man doesn't know what he is missing!


Seren said...

That's brilliant - I'd be chuffed to bits if I could manage a 7.5k run and the time isn't the important thing.

Shame about the blind date - his loss though!


Kathleen said...

Great about the run...too bad about the date! His loss.