Thursday, 1 September 2011


Bloody hell - I've just seen my blog homepage, and realised that this will be my 700th post on here!  Who'd have ever thought that I would actually keep this blog alive and healthy so long.  More to the point, who'd have thought I'd actually still be here fighting the good fight 2 and bit half years after I started; still learning, still progressing, and still 50-odd lbs down from where I started.  I've surprised myself because, as regular readers will know, I have the worst habit of giving up on stuff.  Not this time, I guess!

Anyhoo, on a slightly less positive note, it's been a bit of a draggy week.  I've not quite been feeling my usual perky self, as I still feel knackered, and on top of that, it also turns out that it's the whole monthly hormonal thing (seriously, menfolk, you have no idea how lucky you are in that respect!), so I expect bad things from the scale tomorrow.  My eating since getting home hasn't been bad though, and I did go for my run on Tuesday - I took it slow and steady (and shorter than usual), and managed to roll out a relatively pain-free couple of miles non-stop.  My legs are now protesting though that they've not done much of that recently; they were wobbly all the way back up the stairs to my desk afterwards, and still ache a bit now. 

I'm going to head out again today for another run at lunchtime with Liz, and I'm actually quite looking forward to it.  A) it's sunny out, which always cheers me up, and B) as is sadly normal for this time of the month, my back aches and I feel like someone's tied a knot in something behind my right hip bone at the front, and I know that moving around helps relieve all that.  I haven't been near the gym for 3 nearly 4 straight weeks now, and that's probably not helping the sluggish feelings, so moving is good.

After the foodie debauchery of the weekend, I'm still finding myself avoiding anything too heavy to eat.  I'm mostly sticking to pasta with veg, mushrooms on toast, that kind of thing.  I've actually got dinner out tonight at a new place (for me) which has an amazing looking menu, but I have to say that right now I'm more interested in finding something light to eat, and just enjoying the conversation. 

This week has flown by, as I've only been in the office for 2 days of it, and I have tomorrow off work - whoooop!  The original plan was for a couple of us girls from the surf club to go on a quiet little learners' trip to somewhere like Woolacombe, and maybe come back Saturday.  However, it's looking flatter than the proverbial pancake on the forecasts for tomorrow, so I'm not quite sure what the game-plan is now.  Frankly, considering how much last weekend cost me, and how tired I still am, I'd be quite happy to have tomorrow and Saturday at home in Bristol, and just potter a bit.  I finally managed to tidy the flat a bit last night, and it's still a shock to see how much floor I actually have in my bedroom now the numerous kit and weekend bags have been removed and put away, but there's a lot more chores still waiting to be sorted, and the luxury of sleeping in is like a siren call.  On the fun and exciting front though, Sunday is a day for new things, as I try wakeboarding!

Yes, dear readers, there's nothing like the fantastic idea of sticking an accident-prone person on a snow board and dragging them across the surface of a lake via a high-speed cable .... what can possible go wrong??? :o)  I'm quite excited though, as I've wanted to try this for ages, and they do wakeboarding behind the power boats (next stage up) when we're out in Egypt.  I'm doing an introductory session on Sunday with Jo (good ol' Jo - she lets me talk her into all manner of things!) for 3 hours, and I'm sure there'll be a few funny stories to tell afterwards!

So that's me at the moment:  a bit sleep deprived, a bit grumpily hormonal, eating light and desperately trying to save some money so I don't over-spend too drastically this month (and telling myself that the gorgeous pink kit bag from Mountain Equipment is not a necessity even if it is in the sale and half price, dammit!).  Tediously normal service will be resumed shortly.  Probably.

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Seren said...

Happy 700th post! Wakeboarding sounds...interesting, enjoy :)