Friday, 16 September 2011

Undoing the Damage

The verdict from the scales today is just over a lb down from last week, taking me back to 12st 7.8lb.  That's not at all bad considering that I've been nowhere close to angelic with the eating this week, but moving my ass and tracking obsessively has obviously counted for something.  Since I gained 2 weeks in a row from my recent low, I've now undone one week of that damage, and just have the hen party gain to reverse now.  I can do it.

After the dramas earlier in the week with the car, 2 of my friends came to my rescue last night to come and get it started again.  Annoyingly, it's such a little thing jump-starting it, so it's seems disproportionate the amount of stress and organisation involved in getting someone to come and do it.  Anyway, it started fine first time once Andy had applied his Beamer's might to the battery, and I took it on a little drive out to Cribbs Causeway after that to recharge the battery a bit.  And then apologised to Dan who was also on his way to fix it, but I'd forgotten to contact to say all way well!  I'm not really supposed to be shopping this week, given that I don't get paid til Tuesday, and I am broke, broke, broke, but I did pick up some much needed work trousers from Dorothy Perkins for £12 in the sale, and a concealer pen to replace the one I managed to misplace, so I feel that was quite restrained.

I have another date with City Boy tonight, he's popping round to mine straight after work, and I'll cook us something quick like pasta, and then we're going to the cinema and maybe for a few drinks afterwards.  He's turning into a real sweetie, as he wants to take me to go and see the view from the top of the newly re-opened Cabot Tower one lunchtime next week, and has said he'll bring a surprise picnic for us that day!  I mean, seriously, how cute is that?  He's also already booked the cinema tickets for tonight online, and insists that me cooking him dinner is enough and I don't need to pay him back for them.

Which just makes it all the more confusing that I also really like Aussie Surfer guy (aka - Mr Bike Date last weekend).  They're totally different - polar opposite would be more accurate - but both lovely.  I sense there's going to be a really tough decision ahead at some point, unless one of them makes that decision for me.  I'm not day-dreaming long-term off into the future or anything, but I think I could be happy spending significant amounts of time with both of them, and I have no idea how to try and make that decision.

You know - when they said men were like buses, I didn't really believe anyone, but this has got a little ridiculous!

Aside from that, I'm off up near Milton Keynes tomorrow night for a black tie party with friends - a welcome home for my friend Hannah and her sister Maddie from their respective recent travels.  No boys to worry about, just a nice black dress, some booze and lots of friends.

Have a fab weekend all!


Badger said...

Not saying that one of them will make the decision for you, but I do think the decision will make itself. You'll see!

Hetty said...

Totally loving the dual dating thing, they both sound ace. I shall live vicariously through you! "Such fun!"