Monday, 26 September 2011

Successful Weekend

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself today as I've tracked fully over the weekend, and not come into Monday with a stupid deficit and a feeling of being bloated, like I have the last couple of weeks.  Hooorah!

I had a lovely relaxed Friday evening with friends from the surf club - we went for a few quiet drinks in a local (but new-to-us) pub, which turned out to be very nice, and ended up having tapas on a floating restaurant (Under The Stars in Bristol harbourside - I can recomend it!).  We sat on sofas around our table, which was a claw-foot bathtub with a glass top, and lots of black and white stones in the bottom with star-shaped fairy lights glowing gently up through the glass, and listened to the entertainment from the open-mic night which was happening.  We also had very tasty tapas platters, and just-maybe-possible some of the best Oreo brownie ever!  The evening ended quite early since we were all knackered, and some were working on Saturday morning, so I even got an early night out of it too.

I didn't quite get the lie-in I'd planned for on Saturday, as I ended up getting up to watch the England rugby game, and then stayed up to watch the France - NZ match rather than head back to bed.  Since it was looking like a beautiful day out by the time they'd both finished, my friend Hannah and I decided that a bike ride was in order.  Since I was stiff from circuits on Friday, and she's still recovering from a broken ankle, we took the bikes for a nice potter up the Bristol to Bath cycle trail and stopped off for lunch at The Jolly Sailor at Saltford Locks, where we had amazing chilli bowls with doorstep slices of home-made bread and butter on the side.  Who needs rice or chips, or even a jacket potato, when you can heap it on bread???  We finished off lunch with proper hot chocolates made with white chocolate with cream and all the toppings, and (very slowly due to full bellies) pottered back to Bristol.  The evening was passed with old 90's rom-coms on DVD and some chocolate.

Yesterday featured a proper lie-in, reading in bed for a bit, a light lunch, and a wander into town to the shops.  City Boy then cooked my Sunday roast for dinner and we chilled out and watched a film, before I had another early night.

All in all, it's been a very chilled out weekend, and a very pleasant reminder that it's possible to eat lovely food and relax properly, without trashing the diet or spending too much money.  The looming shadow of half-marathon training has definitely given me pause to consider my choices when I'm faced with yumminess, and as per usual, cutting back on the booze helps me with those choices an infinite amount.

Just a four-day week this week, before I head off surfing in Cornwall this weekend - yeehaa!

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