Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Track, Track, Track!

I realised yesterday, that on the whole, the biggest mistake I made on the weekend wasn't eating too much, it was not tracking any of it at the time.  When I filled in my tracker for yesterday, there was a great big gaping hole since Thursday where I'd just merrily gone off and had my fun and ignored one of the most basic principles of Weightwatchers: track, track, track ... and track some more!

So in the interests of honesty, I sucked it up and started tracking everything I could remember from the weekend, so that I could know exactly how bad the damage was.  And yeah, it wasn't great.

As per usual, I'd used my flex points over the weekend, but I could also see the pattern my eating was following with regard to activity .... and it was that I was eating roughly 2 - 3 times the amount of points I'd earned.  Hmmmm .... might want to rethink that approach.  But at least I know now.  On that basis, I've no idea what I'll be doing next weekend, but I'll be doing my darndest to track as I go, even if it's just at the end of each day.  I think if I'd tracked as I went this weekend, Saturday might still have been a heavy day on the points, but it would have bought me up short and stopped the over-spill into Sunday.

Yesterday, I whipped my ass back on track and really thought about my eating.  I've gotten very lazy recently and can't be bothered to cook properly, so there has been a lot of toast featuring in my eating.  Toast with butter, toast with mushrooms, eggs, spaghetti (yeah, I know, but I was craving it on Sunday night) ... toast, toast, toast.  So I actually bought a few vegetables on the way home last night and found some chicken lurking in the freezer and concocted a very simple dinner of grilled chicken with a load of sauteed veg in a little bit of stock and a dab of Garlic and Herb Philadelphia.  Better.

I also hit the gym yesterday for my Body Balance class.  It was an odd mix of being pleased on some poses that I hadn't lost flexibility over 4 weeks, and being so stiff on others that it was a real mix of pleasure and pain to attempt some of the moves.  Most of that was down to the ever-increasing stiffness in my arms, shoulders, chest and back from a weekend of surfing and then wakeboarding.  Mostly the wakeboarding I think. 

Let me tell a little story: when we were at the lake on Sunday, Jo and I were marvelling at the display of physical beauty perfection on view.  We were mightily impressed by the sheer number of total hotties at the lake ..... and I now know why!  It's not that wakeboarding naturally attracts the buff, it's that any prolonged exposure to that damn sport will whip you into shape quicker than it takes to blink, and since it was mostly guys there, it's no wonder the chests and arms on display were chiselled.  It was a good job we were already soaked and streaming lake-water, so nobody noticed us drooling with appreciation at the view!

Anyway, I digress.  I'm even stiffer today - even putting my rucksack on this morning to walk to work was an effort of supreme willpower over protesting muscles, but I'm going for a lunchtime plod / run round the harbour with Liz anyway.  Maybe if I could just lose some more lard, getting dragged round a lake at speed by the sole strength of my arms would be easier???

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kate said...

guarantee the lunch time run will loosen you up :)