Friday, 9 September 2011

I Deserved That

Friday means weigh-day.  It's not as good as pay-day, and I'm still broke afterwards, but it does mean a requirement to post on here.  And I have to report that this week's number is up.  This morning saw the scale at 12st 9lbs.  Yesterday's was actually 12st 7.4lbs, which would have put me very slightly lower than last week, but if that had been my official weigh in, then I don't think it wouldn't have been a fair reflection of this week. 

So, I take that number and own, it because let's face it, I ate everything and then some at the weekend, and since I did keep tracking right to the end of the week, I know I'd eaten all my flex, all my activity and about 70 points over that.  So staying the same as last week, would have given me the impression that I could have got away with that.

This lunchtime I'm making my return to Brutal Circuits after a glorious 4 week hiatus.  I expect it will hurt.  I ma trying to get my eating back on track this week too, and in a way I'm kind of glad I've got the higher weight this week as it gives me a chance to get a good run up and have a decent loss next week ... no pressure there then!

This weekend is a fairly quiet one.  I'm going for some drinks after work with my team tonight, and on Sunday I'll be cheering on some friends in the Bristol half marathon and then meeting a friend in the afternoon, but that's all that's planned.  No excuses to go too far off the plantation with the eating, and a good time to not spend any money (since I don't have any at the moment!).

More anon, diet-persisters!


Seren said...

An excellent, sanguine approach. After all, life is going to get in the way occasionally and all we can do is take those gains on the chin and just get on with it. Sounds like your head is in exactly the right place.

Have a lovely weekend!


Peridot said...

I know what you mean about not 'getting away with it' sometimes being a good thing, psychologically. Another week beckons...