Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bestest Date Ever

So one of the things that's been keeping me so busy recently is dating.  I'm kind of doing it New York-style, and have ended up seeing a couple of different guys, at least at this stage where it's all light-hearted and fun and non-serious.  I guess at some point I'll have to make some decisions, but right now, I'm just dating.  Quite a lot.

Today, I had a third date with one of the guys - he's very cool, an Aussie guy living over here permanently now, stupidly intelligent (he's a freaking university professor for God's sake!), and a surfer to boot.  Lucky me!  Anyhoo - he thought we should do something a bit different today, so we went on a bike ride.  Nothing too energetic - just a fun, chatty 10 miles or maybe a bit more of canal tow-path on hired bikes, with a drink in a pub garden at the turnaround .... and an absolute muddy drenching on the way home that had us giggling and laughing like a pair of kids as we raced the torrential downpour.  A very wet walk back to the car, some good banter, and he was gentleman enough to turn around so I could do a sneaky quick change on the side of the road.  He may not have seen anything, but I think I accidentally gave a Range Rover driver a cheap thrill as I wrestled clean jeans over wet legs!

Who says you have to sit in bars and look elegant on a date?  Drowned rat is the new black.

Other than that it's been a chilled weekend of rugby-watching, and relaxing with a take-away and a bit too much ice-cream, and Strictly Come Dancing watching, and flat-tidying, and mild panic that I've got to pull a romantic(-ish) dinner out my ass tomorrow night to repay a dinner last week (not the surfer - tomorrow's date is a software designer and ran the Bristol Half marathon today).

Why make anything simple when it can all be chaos??? Go big or go home I say ;o)


Seren said...

This all sounds very exciting!! I think the American system of dating is eminently sensible - and lots of fun for you too ;-)

What will you be cooking for your romantic style dinner? Hoping for full details!

BTW What did you think of Strictly? I'm going out on an early limb and saying Jason to win!!


starfish264 said...

Having had my brain cloud over with panic as to what I could cook that was suitable stylish but fool-proof, I eventually settled on sauteed chicken with cider and lovage, and I'm going to do some proper crispy jacket potatoes to go with it, and maybe runner beans on the side and some crusty bread. He's bringing dessert and wine, since we forgot to eat it last week, so that's sorted, and the flat is *almost* de-bomb-sited - I hesitate to say tidy, but it's close!

I really enjoyed Strictly - think it will be a good series! Jason is a strong contender, but I reckon Lulu, Alex Jones and Holly Valance will be too, and I'm intrigued to see what Harry from McFly's got :o)

Seren said...

That sounds amazing - what a lucky chappy. Hope you both enjoy.

They've surely got to make Jason do a slow dance to "Especially For You" at some point, haven't they?? It's like I've gone back in time to 1987, my preteen crush back in full force!

Agree though that Holly has already demonstrated an ability to wiggle in those gawd awful pop videos of a few years ago, and intrigued by the pairing of Lulu and Brendan.


Peridot said...

That sounds like an AMAZING date - like a chick-flick!


Ffion said...

What a fun date!
I've been in a relationship since I was 18, so I never got to do the whole grown up dating thing, but my friends do it, it sounds like fun, and oh so sex and the city! I kind of live vicariously through them!