Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hideous But Fun

That is the best way I can describe my eating this weekend! 

We've been celebrating Jo's 30th birthday, and the diet has gone out of the window in favour of spending time with friends and marking a waypoint in our lives.  And that is absolutely fine .... as long as the bad eating stops there and doesn't continue into the rest of my week.

I didn't post my weigh in on Friday because I stayed the same.  Although I saw a new low weight in the early part of last week, I bounced back up: this is the result of my good-during-the-week-bad-during-the-weekend eating I tend to resort to.  And last week wasn't even a terrible weekend. 

I do need to get this a bit more under control.  I tried popping my own corn tonight and it actually turned out really well - it's nice to eat it and know exactly what's gone into it from start to finish.  However, I did make the mistake of not measuring out the portion first, and at the bottom of the bowl, I found myself licking the surplus sugar / cinnamon combo off my fingers when I realised I was just eating sugar for the sake of it.  I don't need it, and I want to lose weight more ... I need to remember that more often.

Anyway - the cake, karting and one-off drinking fest of this weekend is over now - onwards with some decent eating and exercise for the week!

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Seren said...

Home made popcorn is fab - I love it with a little bit of finely grated Parmesan.

Have fun getting back on track! A naughty weekend is entirely necessary once in a while as long as you get that line drawn straightaway - which it sounds like you have.