Monday, 28 March 2011

Snotty McSnotterson Checking In

Bleugh - I've got a cold, and I totally hate.  Mind you - what it's really drawn my attention to is that fact that I must not have had a cold / been ill for ages, as I'd completely forgotten how much they suck!

Sneeze, sneeze, sniff, blow, sniff, sniff, sneeze. 

I don't have time to be ill, people! I have things to do!

That said, I didn't feel much like working out today - funny how the inability to breath properly affects your motivation!  But I was feeling pretty stiff after the walk on Saturday (seriously??  Why so stiff after a flipping walk??) as my calves and glutes were pretty tight, so thought a lunchtime Body Balance class would be better than sitting in the office feeling miserable.  And I was so right.

In fact - I magically stopped sniffing for the duration of the class.  How does that happen??  It was a great class - the lady taking it was awesome and I felt much better for it afterwards.

Eating's not been terrible, and not been fantastic either, today.  I can't taste that much, but I'm also feeling sorry for myself, so a Frency Fancy and some malt loaf snuck into my mouth.  Lots of fresh veggies for dinner with pasta to make up for it though.

On the practical side of things, I've managed to sort my new car finances out today, and after a sweaty palms moment, passed the credit checks, so I shall hopefully be picking up my new car and getting rid of the unrealiable Corsa this week ... woooohooooo!  I'm downgrading from my 1.7l Corsa SXI to a little 1l Citroen C1 citycar, which I'll be leasing for the next 2 years.  Multiple plus points in this arrangement for me as I can plough the equity from my current car into my debts (every little bit helps, huh?) and in return I gain a new, (hopefully) reliable, warranty covered, super economical car to run.  So I get money for my debts, and the car costs me less to run - pretty much a win-win situation!!  Especially given that I was just given the bad (but not at all unexpected) news today that I won't get a payrise for 2011 since I only joined the company in October. Slightly disappointing, but never mind.  Just got to keep ploughing on with what we've got to hand.

Debt and weight loss - like peas in a pod.  A long, slow process, where the best you can do is chip away, try not to think about how far you still have left to go, and accept that life will make things difficult and occasionally set you back!


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Petra said...

That´s always what I think, when I get a cold: 'I DON´T HAVE TIME FOR THIS'

Hope you´ll be better soon.