Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Just Gotta Keep Going

Sometimes, no matter how rubbish you feel before you run (think proper blood-sugar crash with hot and cold shakes while I was walking home from work), it all comes right for no apparent reason. 

As we finished our 5km lap, I still felt fresh, so put another 2.5km under my belt before I headed in.  I could have done more again, but it was great as it was. 

I may or may not (so read: may) have come home and eaten a couple of spoonfuls of nutella after dinner ... the damn stuff is like crack for me, and we bought it for pancakes yesterday .... ah well, at this rate I don't expect it will last very long.  It's tracked, and I'm still just about in bonus points for the day.  Good enough, I guess, for now.

I'm off to take my not-quite-as-disciplined-as-I'd-like-it-to-be-but-still-trying ass to bed for a decent night's kip.

More anon, fighters of the good fight.

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