Saturday, 12 March 2011

Yay Me! No - Yay You Guys! Oh Sod It - Yay All Of Us!

I never fail to be impressed your most excellent cheerleading skills.  Although I have to admit that I genuinely don't want to write with the idea of getting comments or validation on any particular thing (believe me, you'll know when I do!), it is always nice to get comments like those.  So thank you (again), and I heart you all.

Claire pointed me off in the direction of the rather excellent Eat The Damn Cake.  And I have to admit, I rather liked it.  It's quite a mish-mash of different articles and thoughts around all sorts of points, but mostly with the focus of feeling better about yourself and not worrying so much.  What I liked best of all though (aside from the fact she's passionate about cake, which I wholeheartedly approve of) was the "unroast" that she has at the end of every post: a little unrelated line where she says what she likes about herself that day.  Ending on a positive thought if you will.

For me, yesterday, I liked 2 things - 1) that I got up at 6am and went to the gym, despite none of my clothes having dried properly so having to go in slightly clammy kit and there being no clean jeans so having to wear a mini-skirt instead because it was what was clean.  I had determination.  2) wearing that skirt all day gave me a healthy appreciation that I like my legs, because they're long (in proportion to my very average 5ft 6in self anyway) and strong.  They ain't skinny, and I like that I can see my quads moving when I walk and move, and that I have calf muscles.  A tiny bit leaner at the tops (which happens when I run anyway) and I'll be very happy indeed.

And another cool thing - I was looking at my running log for the year on Thursday (yeah, I'm keeping one this year, along with a workout timetable - I like being able to look back and see how much I've done), and my next run will take me over 60km run this year.  That's over a marathon (easily) in the first 2 and a bit months.  For a novice runner, that feels like a pretty awesome achievement.  Lots more miles in these legs yet this year.

I'm taking this weekend off from real life - being selfish and enjoying some R & R time.  This does not mean I'm taking the weekend off the healthy-eating and moving, because that's part of the self-love programme.  I enjoyed my food yesterday, including a long awaited Chinese takeaway for tea (I think vegetable Chow Mein and dim sum might be my new favourite menu - yum!), did a 6.45am spin class followed by 7.30am Abs yesterday, had a drink with friends at lunch, finished the piece I was working on in the office, and a very long chat with Jo on the phone yesterday evening.  I watched the tv I wanted (Grey's Anatomy - love, love, love it!!) and slept like the dead.

And now I'm going to get my lazy ass out of my pj's, have a shower and go walk to the station and catch a train to Bath for a lazy afternoon with friends.  And on that note - ciao!  Have a fab weekend, folks!

(Final note - my heart goes out to all those affect in Japan - I've been watching a lot on BBC News online, and it's awful - I can't believe how lucky we are in the UK).

Today's Self Love - I like that my hands, while not the most elegant, can do stuff.  They bake pretty awesome cakes, they play (or used to play) instruments and make music (grade 7 viola, thank you very much - bet you didn't know that!!), and they can draw (although horribly out of practice).  They have skills!  I miss being creative.  I should be more creative again.

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