Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday, bloody Monday.

This weekend turned into an interesting balance of bike ride and very good food.  We spent Saturday in Bath and afternoon tea at the Pump Rooms, which was amazing, but cake-heavy.  When we finally recovered some form of appetite later that night, we had a late dinner at Goldbrick House - again - beautiful food.  The good thing with both of those though, was that very good food often comes in smaller portions.

What doesn't come in smaller portions is fudge from the Fudge Factory in Bath.  Absolutely phenomenal, but it turns out that there is a limit on how much you can eat before you feel physically sick.

All honestly noted down in the tracker though.  And then yesterday, we went for a 3 hour potter down the nearby Strawberry Trail.  Even a three hour potter on the bike earns quite a few activity points, so I've finished what was a very foodie weekend, without too much damage inflicted. 

Today's been pretty good, as I've been on the ball with my eating (although having a rest day on the exercise front), and I've even managed to stop when I'd used all my points.  Boo ya.

Oooh - and did I mention I've given up alcohol for lent?  Yes I have!

And continuing on from the previous post and bolstering my self-esteem - today I like:  my lips - the're a good shape - that's all :o)

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Peridot said...

FUDGE! Mmmmmmm