Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Little Bit Easier

Hey boys and girls,

How's it going?  Aren't you just loving this amazing Spring weather?  Two days of walking to work with no coat, and I'm in a skirt and bare legs today, and it's totally perked my mood up!

My eating's still not perfect, but it's certainly more conscious than it was - case in point - I wanted something sweet to take to Hannah's last night to watch a film, but didn't want to go for chocolate so got one of those sherbert dip things instead as it was smaller.  And today, I know I've got left over lasagne for dinner, so I'm being careful with my daytime points.

I've been out for a run in the glorious sunshine this lunchtime with Liz, who I work with.  It turned into a bit more of a jog / amble as she was getting terrible stitch, but just getting out and getting sunshine, fresh air and movement was great.  I alos got an extra hour's walking in the sunshine yesterday lunchtime, so at least I'm doing something.

I'm taking tomorrow off as a me-day - just a day to chill, catch up on sleep, get a few chores out the way and relax before the weekend - no special plans, just the luxury of some spare time - and I'm so excited!!

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Peridot said...

Bare legs? I envy you - I'm not brave enough to cast off the opaques yet although my legs would be pleased. Also I'd have to start the fake tan season early as the glare from my whiter-than-white legs could cause traffic accidents.

Have a nice weekend