Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancakey Goodness

I feel like I've been MIA for a few too many days now, and I notice that when I don't have the accountability of my blog, I'm not always so good.

Going into this weekend, which was barging in Wales, with a partially completed food journal certainly helped, but there were things I hadn't accounted for, like somebody bringing a load of those boxes of mini bitesize treats for dessert on Friday, and there being a lot of rum punch on Saturday night. 

Still, I tracked every damn thing I could remember, including the half bag of Jelly Babies in the car on Friday, and at least I know how bad the damage is. 

Sunday wasn't too bad, as I was already out of the holiday thinking, so I talked myself out of the takeaway on the way home, and just had some beans on toast and went to bed early.

Yesterday, I was positively virtuous on the food front, and thankfully Hannah dragged my totally lethargic ass out for an evening 5km run which did me some good.  I love to report that today had gone similarly virtuously, as I rang the gym and booked myself in for lunchtime spin at 7am this morning, but the day was somewhat ruined by both a lack of food in the flat, meaning I resorted to careless eating during the day for convenience, and then pancakes this evening.  Oh my lordy - great pancakes - we had thin ones, fat American style ones, savoury ones with salmon and cheese, sweet ones with banana and chocolate, lots of fruit salad, and even blueberry pancakes.  There were too many, as my complaining stomach pointed out, but at least they were dinner rather than an as-well-as.

Back to fabulous eating tomorrow, now that the annual pancake-fest is out the way - onwards!!!

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