Sunday, 27 March 2011

Walking, curries and cars

I'm having such a nice weekend! We had a gorgeous walk from Malvern to Ledbury yesterday, even if the cloud did decide not to clear from the top of the hills for ages, but it was so nice to be out and doing stuff with friends anyway!

Friday night I went for drinks with friends, which nicely rounded off my spur-of-the-moment day off of relaxation. And then last night we had dinner at a lovely local Indian restaurant and then went to see a local band play. And of course the best thing about having done 10 mile walks earlier in the day is you can put the food-guilt on one side at dinner time.

In fact - I'm having a pretty good weekend for eating. The not drinking thing totally helps as I'm not wasting calories (and my precious pennies!) on alcohol - I might end up sticking with this for a bit longer after Lent is done and see if it will help me finish getting this last ~10lbs shifted to get me to goal!

And I made good choices with my picnic yesterday, checked my available points before I went out for dinner last night so I could make an educated choice and have tracked everything as I've gone. I'm almost in danger of having a great food weekend!

I've also been very proud of myself on my positive thinking - I've been making a very conscious effort to not be negative about things - to be positive about myself and my current situation, but also to keep unhelpful negative opinions to myself when talking about other people. I don't like how I either turn other people's good fortune to a whine about my bad fortune, or am just pointlessly bitchy sometimes - it feels much nicer to only come out with the positive / constructive stuff.

Other than that, I've been doing a bit of haggling with the garage and think I've sorted out a new car for myself that sees me (hopefully) getting rid of my horribly unreliable and expensive Corsa in favour of something much more economical and even frees me up some money to pay towards the ever-hovering debts. Fingers crossed it all goes through ok!!

Hope you've all had good weekends - I'm going to go back to lounging on my bed reading in the sun from the window and intermittently emitting snotty sounds - stupid colds!!!

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