Friday, 29 April 2011


The problem with doing as much exercise as I am right now, is that I have reached a point when there are not many days in the week where I don’t ache like an absolute bitch.

I thought I’d got away with it after circuits yesterday, but it turns out …. not so much.

In fact, today’s run as a whole, was a bit of a trial.  First, I set the alarm for 6.30 this morning, so I could get up an hour earlier and get it done before work.  Except I then remembered that I was absolutely rammed at work and had a morning deadline, and actually needed the time in the office instead.  Rubbish.  So I packed my kit into my rucksack and lugged it to work so I could run on my lunchbreak instead.  Come lunchtime, I shimmied along to the changing room and discovered that I hadn’t packed my running trousers.  Fail.  So no lunchtime run either. 

At that point, I could either have given up and accepted that today’s run was doomed, or suck it up and vow to run as soon as I got home from work.  Option number 2 it was then.  And at about 4pm I got up from my office chair to go and collect some printing, and realised that my legs had stopped working, or close enough.  My ass ached, my quads ached, my ITB’s feel tight.  Circuits had caught up with me finally (that will be all the squats, lunges and box jumps yesterday then).  Ouch.

But I went for my run anyway.  I dragged my sorry, aching butt out that door again when I got home, because I figured it was no time to give up.  If it came to the worst, I could stop running and walk back home, and I already knew it wouldn’t be a fast run – more of a steady plod, so I just I ran for my required 35 mins straight, as called for by the plan, and then I rolled back home again.  There might not have been much variation in speed between my “steady” and “faster” paces, but it’s done.

On the other hand … I have no earthly idea how I’m going to totter round tomorrow’s required run which is more short interval sprints.  Hey ho.

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Badger said...

Are your interval runs a combination of slower and faster paces? I never really understand what they are especially when it talks about things like race pace, slow pace, comfortable pace...