Monday, 4 April 2011

Back To The Crazy

Today marks the start of The Quarterly Crazy at work. Oh joy. For the next 18 days straight I'll be in the office and working long hours. My social life is officially cancelled for the next couple of weeks. Time outside the office will pretty much be limited to eating and sleeping. Oh, and exercising, because I refuse to sacrifice that to the Gods of Work.

However, there is a potential bright and shiny side to this impending workathon. January's Crazy shut down my social life in a similar fashion, and it may well be no coincidence at all that I lost 7lbs in that same post-Christmas period.

It's a well-known fact that my dietary trip-ups mostly occur on a weekend, so it is a logical conclusion to draw that no weekends = better losses.

This weekend has been spent near Northampton celebrating Bridget's birthday amongst friends. It was a lovely weekend including a walk through the nearby woods (and more giant wood-ants than you've ever seen before!), an afternoon in a beautiful pub garden and some overly competitive games in the evening (mostly after a considerable volume of alcohol).

For my part, I'm still going strong on the not-drinking-for-Lent resolution, so I was hangover free, and I also tracked every lovely bit of food and managed to retain something approaching a semblance of control, meaning I've actually had a rather respectable weekend on the eating front.

The first road-trip in the new car also turned out very successful and proved ludicrously economical - 2 people plus a weekend's worth of luggage, 250ish miles and near enough £20 of petrol! Bargain!

And finally: just for amusement value, I've challenged myself to just drink water today - no squash, no fizzy drinks, no Starbucks. A little detox after all the Diet Coke and Sprite I've drunk the weekend. So far so good - just coming up to midday and I'm on my third 500ml bottle of water.

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Plumptious said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend, and some stellar self-control going on there! Well done!

Just wondered what your new car is as I'm wanting to buy something economical too and 250 miles for £20 sounds pretty good to me!!!


starfish264 said...

It's a Citroen C1 - it's a 1.0l engine, but we were cruising along on the motorway at 85mph pretty comfortably, and it revs up quite nicely. I really like it so far, as it has everything I need - brilliant petrol economy, cheap insurance (£300 for inner city Bristol on a 10 year no claim bonus), and the tax is only £20 a year! But it's still got air con, and there's more room for a passenger's legs behind my seat than there was in the Corsa, which was way bigger. My friend's been driving the Peugeot version (which is identical - literally made in the same factory) for a couple of years now and had zero problems. Hope that helps!