Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Beasting and Cupcakes

Sooooo, yesterday: some stellar eating despite a stressful day.  Or more accurately, stellar eating until the end of my stressful day, and then we went to the cinema in the evening.  I could blame Hannah for deciding she was having some icecream and pic'n'mix, but really, that has no bearing on what I decide to do, does it? 

So I'm slightly annoyed to have to confess that I blew a large chunk of my spare activity points on 2 scoops of Ben & Jerry's and a portion of pic'n'mix.  And ate the lot, despite getting to a point halfway through the sweets where I didn't want any more.


Still, I'm not in deficit this week, and still have around 15 activity points left.  And in penance (and because I've now finished my personal training sessions), I hauled my sorry ass to Brutal Circuits this morning for a 7.15am beasting.  And.  It.  Hurt.

This morning's session split the class into two halves - one half did the weights / cardio stations first, whilst the rest of us split into two more teams and did floor work.  Up and down the gym.  And back and forth again. Sprints, crab crawls, bear walks, hopping, frog jumps (all we're missing here is the flipping skipping, but that would probably have been too easy).  And in between your team's turn, the other team goes and you stay behind the line and do star jumps, crunches, jogging on the spot, starbursts.  Ooooh, and throw in a bit of pairs work on the floor doing crunches and passing a weight overhead. 

And then when you think you're about to die - on to the stations - spinning sprints on the bike, deadlifts, burpee / pressup / overhead press combos, kettlebell swing / shoulder press / side crunch combos, box jumps and I-can't-remember-what-else.

All crammed into 45 mins and a warm-up / cool-down.

I may have had a mid-morning cupcake for recovery (it was for charity - I was doing a good deed - honestly!).

Yesterday, I was good on the exercise front too, as I ran on my lunchbreak, and got my best ever time for my harbour run (30:25s for 4.55km - ever closer to that 30 min 5km).

If only the scales were listening and going down a bit, but the only bit they seem to have paid any attention to is the cupcake and cinema treats.  Serves me right I suppose.

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Petra said...

Wow, sounds like a killer workout. But we love it, right? (I think)